Saturday , January 28 2023

VW wants to produce an electric machine with a value of more than 20,000 euros


Reuters recently got information about Volkswagen. According to the agency's two sources, the car maker plans to shift the three factories into electric wagons, but they should be stopped.


The German Volkswagen Group, which has a plant in Slovakia, will soon be rebuilding three plants for classic vehicles with full combustion engines.

They are on the platform of the known MEB platform. The MeV entry car must be an affordable electric machine that can be the main competitor of Tesla Model 3. It can reach Europe by 2020. The new version of VW is up to 20,000 euros, which is the most affordable electric car in the market. It is made at Zwickau factory.

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The problem is, how do other car manufacturers operate and do not offer equivalent alternatives to affordable electric vehicles? However, Volkswagen is planning to deliver up to 200,000 vehicles, Reuters reports.

The second model VW I.D. Aero is a medium-class sedan, which is planning to move the plant to the Emden plant where the Passat is being produced.

The third model that VW wants is VW I.D. Buzz. It is manufactured at the factory in Hannover, Germany, where another VW T6 van is currently being produced. The company wants to move the car to Turkey, to the American Ford plant.

Look at itVolkswagen I.D. Buzz is a preview of the future Minivans' personal management


All should be discussed, if any, to confirm the strategic leadership of machine builders on November 16th.

According to Reuters, VW is negotiating with American carmakers not only in the production of small buses, but also on electric cars and cars. In addition, we can cooperate with SK Innovation, a South Korean battery manufacturer.


The reason for the rapid change in the production of regular cars in electric cars is not the competition of the market, but rather a big issue dispute, and the car complies with EU regulations (reducing vehicle emissions up to 35%) in order to keep customers in the future.

Several German cities also do not drop diesel cars in their centers, but certain (depending on the city), gasoline cars remain in the center. This car maker wants to be ready.

Unfortunately, the car owner will not be released. According to Reuters, by the year 2020, about 14,000 people will be forced to work, with the production of electric vehicles, which are easier to use than sustainable recycling.


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