Tuesday , May 24 2022

When Red Dead Redemption 2 players find the edge of the whole map, they are complaining to the Smooth Earth The Fan Fan


Particular supporters of the theory have found a link from the authors.

If you've played it before Red Dead Redemption 2, this game man can not be bored, quickly identified. When you stop horseback riding, you can play poker, rob a train, or strike any casual passenger.

Players have a great interest exploring an infinite map, Rockstar Games developers have worked for thousands of hours and made the biggest map of their history. In addition, developers send inaccessible messages through personalized objects and places that are embedded in the gaming world.

The conflict has recently started killers of feminists She fought for the rights of women, but this time she left Rockstar supporters flat earth theory. It does not need to be explained because it is foolish, but his fans believe in a flat plate with head and legs.

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Of course, because of the lack of planets in the real world, you can not find anywhere in the grave flat plate, but Rockstar Games developers want to laugh this band.

One of the Red Dead Redemption 2 players ruled one reach the end of the map and she thought what would happen when she was gone. As expected in today's society, After the first step, this sign was dropped to unknown, The earth is flat and suddenly finished.

In the game screenshots, users want to download from the Internet as fast as possible from the edge of their maps, as the supporters of the Earth's Smooth theory support it, which determines that it is always valid, as a necessary argument. Again, Rockstar Rock Hat.

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