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9 th meeting of thermal power plants and thermal power plants of energy producers


GEN-Information Center hosted the 9th meeting of TPPs and thermal power plants on Tuesday, where the production of diffusion sources for smart power charging infrastructure and adaptation to the challenging conditions in the electricity market, the modified rules of receiving state assistance and the Green Transformation Service.

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The participants met Mr.. Martin Newshack, MBA, General Manager of GEN Energy, General Company of GEN GROUP. In his speech, he stressed the importance of integration of generator installations and GEN-I trade. "With the production management center of GENG, we optimize and update our work," he added. "We join the most dynamic investment group in the country, and after the completion of the construction of Brezhys HPP, we are preparing for the construction of the Mokris HPP. We had a series of upgrades at the Krishko nuclear power plant, and in the spring we have completed the construction of a new gas block in Brazil. We are investing in all existing power plants, and we provide long-term supply to consumers in Slovenia with competitive prices at competitive prices. At the same time, we strive for ever-changing trends, taking into account that we know that we can achieve only the energy mix that includes all low-carbon technologies available to climate-wise goals. "

Director of the Department of Strategic Innovation Dejan Paravan noted that the market situation is very uncertain, which is reflected in the price fluctuations. "The current price of electricity in the wholesale market is 20% higher than in the same period last year. The reason for this is the price of carbon dioxide and primary energy coupons: oil, coal and natural gas. Over the last two months there has been a sharp rise in prices due to the poor hydrological and wind conditions in Germany, "the doctor explained. Parvan.

The participants presented the projections of price developments and proposals of market analysts. "Some technical indicators already show a trend reversal, which can be reduced by the end of the year," he said. Parvan. GEN-I business partners have ensured that the GEN-I group offers the best and innovative services to optimize its sales strategy.

There was a great deal of interest in changing the rules for receiving state aid. "The modified support system does not allow all investors to invest money, but the production facilities allow investors to select investors only to those who have been selected within the framework of an open invitation to investors to enter the TPP design and SE scheme schemes." Ailenko Domzhan, Head of the renewable energy sector of the Energy Agency. He also submitted the Agency's proposals for amendments to the recommendations.

Electric power is also an important issue for power generation generators and RECs. Mag Director of the Department of Sustainable Development and Transport Policy of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Boan Jeller, presented the strategy of transport development by 2030. "Transport is one of the most important environmental pollutants, so there are big problems ahead. Decisions can only be made through systematic measures with all active participation. The main problem is to change the sights and habits of travel, to reduce the number of routes in their own car at shortest distance, to increase the mobility of passengers and to change the ways that are not the same as the passenger car, the environment. " Žlender.

"With the support of the first pilots in the field of autonomous charging infrastructure of vehicles, there is a great potential for development of new business models in the development perspectives. All these are related to solar power stations and hydroelectric power plants, with the use of advanced energy technology combined with micro energy and high-tech IT solutions, "said Sandi Kavalic, Head of the Office of Management, at the presentation of the development of the electric-mobility group" Gen-1 ". GEN-I RISKS. He pointed out the importance of awareness of the benefits of new solutions, and also pointed to changes based on simple energy technology: "The electric machine can be a powerful storage device that can keep your home power up to two weeks without using the line." It compares electricity generation from its solar power plant to its yard, which guarantees independence from the movement of heat and mobility in the energy market in the future.

"As part of the decision-making process, the role of user experience and, first of all, the role of individuals, households, associations and large-scale enterprises in rural areas is essential, which is a prerequisite for a successful transition to a low-carbon society. In GEN-I, we are convinced that a good user of driving a motor will accelerate the transition from traditional to electric vehicles. This transitional process will be faster with production, power transmission and local energy management and simultaneous storage units, "said Kavalchi.

He also noted the fact that electric power systems are in fact undergoing major changes. Rock Laccott, Head of Business Development Department, said: "Renewable energy sources are very high, and the flexibility to regulate the network by shutting down ordinary power plants is lost. In the future, this role will be seen by consumers and producers who can be the active participants of the energy system. "

On the issue of balancing power generation and consumption, Dr. Lacko is involved in a four-year international FutureFlow research project where the GEN-I works with ten partners from eight European countries. The project analyzed more than 600 potential sources for production or consumption of flexible energy in four countries. System operators with a flexible 54 MW capacity provide the power to ensure the quality and reliability of the power supply.

"Optimization has allowed the system operators to reduce their costs, but also offered a new source of income for owners of flexible power". Lacko.

In the final debate, Robert Golob, CEO of GEN-I, Dr. Paranál, Paraná. Bojan Žlender and mag. Alenko Domzan agreed that all future players in the electricity market should know the future smart technology and services. Dr. Robert Golob summarized the meeting as "Energy revolution outside the door." Renewable sources, power and consumption flexibility are the future of global energy. As we have shown to our business partners today, we are well-prepared in GEN-I. It is important to accelerate these efforts in the entire energy industry of Slovenia, as we must successfully implement green transformation and join the global energy transformation. "

After the discussion, the Metron Institute, in cooperation with Gen-i Son, proposed to integrate the main characteristics of a sustainable energy cycle and a separate element of the micro-network into the energy system. A Sustainable Energy Cycle is a micro-circuits with a microelectric power plant, which is located in a building, including a battery, electric motor (not just cars) and renewable energy sources. This element of microelement can work as an island energy system, but can be connected to the network and can act as a power compensator (stored in high energy renewable energy sources). The Sustainable Energy Cycle has actually shown the following elements of the Metro Institute: The FiatPanda 4×4 electric machine is equipped with its own battery-powered battery, which works as a storage room, and a home-powered demonstration is illustrated by preparing a coffee from a car pool.


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