Monday , December 6 2021

Annual or future pension dilemmas should take into account the expected average salary increase


As reported in a press release by the Slovenian Pension and Disability Insurance Institute (Zpiz), based on the baseline comparisons of past years, when calculating the pension base, they are recalculated to the value of the calendar year preceding the year in which the estimated coefficients are determined. When determining the coefficients of estimation, the average salary of one employee in Slovenia is taken into account for individual years.

According to the Macroeconomic Analysis and Development Bureau, the average wage in Slovenia exceeds 3% this year (the actual percentage will be known on February 15, 2019), which means that the coefficients will increase by the same percentage rate in 2019, insured persons to calculate bases for previous years.

Implementation of the right to pension in 2019 indicates the basis for this year to calculate the pension fund. In 2018, when the insurance policy is significantly higher than the previous one, they can affect the size of the pension fund at 1/24, saying that the 2019 pension will be corrected as the rest of 2019.

If a policy holder decides to exercise his right to pension, according to Ziza's observations, it does not take into account the average of the current year's base for the calculation of the retirement benefit plan, and the calculation of bases of past years will be accounted for by the estimated valuation factor based on average wage in 2017. Minority pension is adjusted for reconciliation of pensions this year – regular verification – 2.2% and special adjustments – 1.1%.

Increase the percentage of deductions to the insured, up to an additional six months or in full, of the completed pension period. This effect also ceases with retirement benefits, even if retirement is not retired this year or the next calendar year. At the same time, they mean a decline in the compulsory insurance coverage by insurers by 2020, as from January 1, 2020, there will be a third transition period after the third phase, which will be valid after the last one. January 2023

The decision to postpone the exercise of the right to retirement can be effectively assessed without the retirement benefit, as each subsequent year of the pension period is estimated at four per cent (up to three years) without the acquisition. Further, it may be possible to apply for a monthly pension payment of 20% of the pensions for the exercise of the right to pension, with the individual entitled to the date of its execution.

They delay the right to early retirement, reducing the percentage of retirement pensions relative to the month of age 65. In the case of policy holders, retirement pensioners in 2018 are counted at least every month, maximum 59 years and eight months to 64 years. As of January 1, 2019, the retirement age requirements reach 60 years, so missing months are estimated to be 64 years and up to 6 months.

Some pensioners, such as public sector employees, retirement benefits, are also eligible for a retirement age. In case of retirement within two months, after the performance of the contract, three average monthly wages and two other average monthly wages were clarified.

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