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First League: Maribor – Triglav 4: 1 (Tavares 68.) :: The first interactive multimedia portal, MMTV RTV Slovenia


Key events

  • The remaining three matches in the 16th round on Sunday
  • Rudar – Olimpija on TV SLO 2 / MMC

Marcos Tavares, Luka Zachovich and Jasmine Mesanichic – Maribor's aggressive triathlon against Triglav, which this year broke Crande with a score of 5: 1. Photo: BoBo

Rock Circus

Rock Sirk fights with the tenth goal of "Roca Kronavet" and at least at the top of the first league of tempo. Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

Tuscan goal scorer against Soria's first striker Horizio

On November 10, 2018 at 14 o'clock in the morning,
The last intervention: November 17, 2018 at 17:45
Murska Sobota, Maribor – MMC RTV SLO

The 16th tournament of the first league of Muras and Goris players was opened in Murska Sobota. Martin's example was a home-made victory, the husband's decision was the best striker at the Rock Syrk Championship. At 16.15 am and then a duel on the island of Liège, which takes Maribor Triglav.

The first opportunity began with a warning when Triglav won the Tom Hurgara. 8 minutes before the game, Luke Zachovich was the width of the hair before the left-hand barbell Darzhan Kuranovich, apparently in the beginning of September in the 7th round against Maribor. After 18 minutes, he was hit by public gardens: he had left there Tulen Mlakar, Denis defeated Clunar and started a diagonal called Yasmin Gandanovitch, which he called fake.

Euroleague Best Scorer 1 SNL
On the other hand, the captain responded to the big campaign Marcos Tavares. When the jacket escaped, the violet icon played, and then Tavez started at a distance of 20 m and attacked a small cage. It is dedicated to the 144th goal of the best scorer in the history of the Eurogolf national football championship.

Three stroke cloth
The Maribor players then scored a combined blow, which resulted in a 56-minute lead. 88 minutes into the match, Jasmin Mešanović scored from the opponent's goalkeeper's right-hand corner. Luke Zachovich, who has won a full seven-league play. Within 4 minutes, it was 3: 1, which passed through the defense of Kranj Felipe is friend Santos hit the edge of the penalty area and hit the gate and hit the gate.

After winning the Olympic Dribbler, Maribor quickly returned to the rails and dragged Icons with Dombra, and Celje was also named at the highest level, now at the top four points. Triglav also wins once again with Krchko the next time. This season, the first duel was won by Maribor 5: 1.

Sergei is right after the corner
They are measured at the repeat of the quarterfinals of the Cup of Slovenia in Fazanerih Murray included Horica. A few days ago, Premier League Premikmurci fans first rejoiced the guests during the first league season. In the beginning of September, teams in the Nova Gorica were no winners (2: 2).

On the 44th minute, Clementa Strumma got a corner kick Rock Circus Gregory Sorgan's head hit. The attacking striker has scored tenth goal this season and is currently the best forward of the national championship.

The head and the leg of a lipushchek were gorilla
Later, Gorbachy initiated the initiative and defended the defenders negatively, but they were uncertain in the final blows. In the last two quarters, the last two possibilities of the horizon became the highest defender Žiga Lipuscek. Initially, his head was not accurate, but from an incredible stand, he was shot straight up to Matko Obradovic's knee long neck.

TV SLO 2 / MMC TV game
The other three matches ahead of the break, Domžale – Celje, Rudar – Olimpija, you can watch live broadcast on SLO 2 and MMC and Krško – Aluminij on Sunday.

Round 16:
HOURS – GORICA 1: 0 (1: 0)
Serki 44.

Murray: Mrs. Obradovich; Kus, Boskovic, Marusco, Storm, Kozar, Lorb, Sosnara ( 91./Rebernik), Kouter ( 88./Horvat), Karnichnik, Serck ( 84 / Morosha).

Horica: Sorčan; Jackets, Tomiček, Lipušček, Celcer, Humar ( 60 / Gulich), Grudina, Colin ( 82 / Dzdanovich), Ossuji, Kitten ( 60./Jermol), Smaglagich.

Judge: Alexander Matkovich (Ravne na Koroškem)

Today at 16.15:
Maribor – Triglav 3: 1 (1: 1)
Tavares 35, 68, Zahovic 56, dos Santos 60; Mackar 26.
Curanovic defended the 11th Tavarian in 68th place.

Maribor: Khandanovich; Klinar, Ivkovich, Shutter, Wies; Cretu, Pichler; Mesanovich, Tavares dos Santos ; Zakhovich .

Triglav: Curanović; Bojic, Elsner, Alic, D. Kryeziu, Mlakar ; Tihanich, E. Crisis; Achy, Mazen, Afokawa.

Sunday at 2pm:

Clock 16:
Copy the TV to SLO 2 and MMC.

At 18.00 am

MARIBOR 15 10 3 2 43:13 33
OLYMPIA 15 8 5 2 32:18 29
GORICA 15 5 7 3 21:23 22
DOMZALE 15 5 5 5 27:23 20
MRS 15 5 4 6 23:22 19
CELJE 15 4 7 4 17:23 19
ALYUMIA 15 5 3 7 21:24 18
ТРИГЛАВ 15 4 3 8 21:32 15
РУДАР 15 4 3 8 15:33 15
KRŠKO 15 2 6 7 11:20 12

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