Tuesday , January 31 2023

Hamburg Harbor Checkbook on 5G Technology


Hamburg, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia ports began testing the wireless broadband wireless networks of the fifth generation, called the 5G, in the beginning of the year. The emphasis is placed on the great potential of technology to promote current results and to develop new digitalized industry solutions.

According to Deutsche Telekom, three trials were conducted within the framework of testing, which will be completed within two years. Initially, the sensors were installed on the ships of Flotte Hamburg's port department, providing different data on the ship's movement in a vast area of ​​one of the largest European ports and the state of the environment in the region.

In the second study, all maritime and land-based signaling systems in the port area are linked to the remote control system, which enables operators to fully and fully control ships and vehicles. This will make it easier for trucks to access.

The new technology also allows you to access large amounts of data without having to connect to existing networks. Experts estimate that engineers will soon optimize construction plans using 5G technology and 3D glasses.

One of the main objectives of the tests is to prove that mobile applications, which are required by different software requirements, can function successfully on a single network. During the test, the mobile network running in the port area is divided into different virtual networks that support specific requirements. Each virtual network is constantly adapting to current needs, while each one operates in a holistic manner and, accordingly, operates with high power.

The first husband of the Jens Meier port is a new standard introduced by 5G Technology, a great deal of challenges in the future. "I am proud that Hamburg and its port are one of the first in the world to benefit from this technology," he said.

Responsible for the 5G Technology of Deutsche Telekom, Mr. Williams evaluated the project with the support of European Funds as a great opportunity for technology development, as required by each client. "The results of the inspection will allow not only the 5G for future standardization, but also the development of new innovative solutions to the industry," he said.

Advantages of 5G networks are also characterized by the head of cellular sector of Nokia, Mark Rwann. According to him, the harbor of Hamburg offers a good test ground with its complexity.

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