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How dangerous are you living in? Check out the test …


Every article on healthy lifestyles can read about healthy eating habits: good nutrition, adequate sleepiness, controlled stress, happy relationship, smokers, and bad alcohol as well as alcohol.

How much traffic is there?
According to doctors and sportswomen, adult health needs two or three times a week to maintain health, there are two types of exercise:

Aerobic exercisesspeeding, fishing, cycling, tennis, swimming, team sports, and hiking. The aim of the exercises is to increase the rate of heart rate to 50-60% in breathing. Can you continue singing or singing while in training? Then, in aerobic exercises and muscles, you have enough oxygen to extract toxins and lactic acid. So strengthen your heartbeat, increase your respiratory capacity and take care of the immune system.

Exercises for strength and flexibilityshould be collected to strengthen all muscle groups (legs, arms, thighs, back, chest and shoulder ring). It can increase your weight, weight, exercise, yoga exercises … The aging process begins to lose its muscles over twenty years, so you have to exercise stronger training. The positive effect of these exercises is the acceleration of metabolism, the preservation of joints and flexibility of communication, and the preservation of the muscle mass.

Exercise has a more positive effect. In the body's activity, endorphins, which affect the good life, disappear and strengthen the immune system. This will help your first autumn virus not put on your bed. Long-term protection against cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity.

Are you sure you want to see how dangerous it is? Compare the test and compare it to those who have taken the test.

But it does not matter what kind of sports you are doing
Many people are not only involved in health related sports, but also because they have difficulties, feel the risk, check their reactions and responses, and love adrenaline. But if the danger is digitized, it is a threat. According to statistical data, one of the above-mentioned dangerous sports, such as swing, sailing, paragliding, skating, martial arts, swimming and swimming, can also be engaged in weapons.

It is also a sport that the insurer considers unsafe, and therefore affects the calculation of life insurance benefits. In life insurance, your lifestyle, whatever your good habits and bad habits, the main factors that contribute to your gift award – the young, the body mass index, the danger of raising a person's profession, and any unsafe vacation or sport.

If so, what is your neighbor's need? Check with the web calculator.

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