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In the January debut of Latvia, the pregnant Slovenian refers not


Ivo Yan, the new selector of the hockey team, lost to Latvia on the stage of Slovenia with a score of 1: 4. Nick Simish achieved the honorable goal of an experienced and experienced team without a representative.

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A Slovenian young man in Canada, but his team does not

Under the leadership of Ivo Yan, Slovenia's Yan Murshak, Yan Urbas, Miko Verlyich, Robert Sabolich, Rock Tichar, Žigo Jeglič, Blaz Gregoryak, Sabahudin Kovačevich, Mitko Robar, Matya Podlípnik, Žigo Peñlia, Gápros Crêsla, Matya Pintariči … Some people relaxed, injured.

Slovene company, owned by Žiga Panceta, has played the role of the captain in Belarussia's unbeaten tournament against Latvia, which was not in a flawless position, but a much better competitor.

The Slovenians cloned quickly, and in the fifth minute slopped Rudolfs Maslovskis, who plays in the local league of Latvia. Before the third day of the opening, the 21-year-old KHL member Dina from Riga rose to 2: 0 Martins Dzierkals. The latrines were again cranked for 24 minutes, and the Slovenianians continued to severely eliminate it. In the last minutes of the second half, the Baltic Hockey players took advantage of two more players and won the goalkeeper with a score of 4: 0. It was exactly Egils Kalns. The Slovenian team played well in the last part of the game and scored a brilliant goal in 51 minutes Nick Simsik, after the campaign against Clement Pretnar and Ken Ograzhenna for the right purpose.

Hosts on Friday

Hosts and bills will be created in the second half of the day French. The second Slovenian test will be on Friday at 17.30 Belarus, and the second one on Saturday at 13.30 against the Galic cock.

Schedule of matches of the EIHC tournament in Minsk (November 8-10):

Thursday, November 8
Latvia: Slovenia 4: 1 (2: 0, 2: 0, 0: 1)
(37) 1 Simsic (Pretnar, 5), 2: 0 Dzierkals (Kulda, Sali, 20), 3: 0 Kulda (Calnas, 24., PP2) 1: 0 Maslovski (Auzinš, Mamčics, 5) Ograjensek, 51).
Match Report

Slovenia's mail: Stojanovič, Gračnar, Ograjenšek, Kuralt, Simšič, Štebih, Pretnar, Pance Ž., Ropret, Hebar, Magovac, Logar, Cimžar, Koblar, Zajc, Planko, Selan, Pem, Orehek, Tomaževič, Kalan, Bašič; Selector: Ivo Yan

16.15 Belarus – France

Friday, November 9
13.30 France – Latvia
17.30 Slovenia – Belarus

Saturday, November 10
13.30 Slovenia – France
17.30 Belarus – Latvia

Ken Ograjesek


At night you are in a new role that you do not want to blame at the end of your sleep

National tournaments for the tournament in Minsk (8-10 November)

Goalkeepers: Luca Grasnar (Poprad, Slovakia's Tipsport League), Rock Stoyanovich (Lyon, Ligu Magnus), HK SZ Olimpija, Alpine League
Guardians: Mikhail Lagar (Ligu Magnus), Alexandra Magovak (Grenoble, Ligu Magnus), David Planko (HK SZ Olimpija, Alpine League), Klein Pretnar (Košice, Slovak Tipsport Lliga), Maxwell Selan (Milan, Alpine League) (Dukla Jiglava , the second Czech League)
Forwards: Andreas Hebar, Anze Ropret (UTE, Erste League), Gregory Koblar, Janes Orkhk, Miha Zajc, Olympia, Andreas Hebar, Luka Bázik, Tadej Tsimzar, Luka Kalan, Nick Pam, Blaz Tazhazevich (All HDD SI Acroni Jesenice, Alpine League) Alpine League, Anze Kuralt, Ken Ograjensek (Graz 99ers, EBEL), Ziga Pance (DVTK Jegesmedvék, Slovak Tipsport League), Nick Simsik (Medvescak Zagreb, EBEL League)

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