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Live: Domžale, Pušnik, and Barisic #Video trails for hunting


On the sixth Sunday of the 16th round of the first league, Telekom Slovenije opened Domžale and Celje (1: 1). In Valencia, Ruder and Olympia are measured, which is closer to the leading Maribor. Purple Saturday after turning Triglav (4: 1)Marcos Tavares corrected SNL's first record. Murray defeated Horizia, Rox Circus jumped to the top of the bomber on his tenth goal. In the last round of the tournament he will go to Alshina Crisco.

Ruder: Olympic 0: 0

At 16.00, Ruder and Olympia will go on for the first time in Valencia. Which letters do they choose? Maria Pushnik included Zoran Barisicz?

The end of the match. Domuzale and Celje were not the winners this season for the second time. The match in Domjale ended with a score of 1: 1.

90 Minutes: Domaza 1: 1. The referee will have three minutes to renew.

Herbs! 1: 1! 80 minutes. After Captain Dommal's excellence Senijad IbričićIt is located close to the hit strikes with the Celje team and defenders Matej Podlogar. Yellow players could not get in touch.

Matej Podlogar hit:

At 75 o'clock: The winners will smile in the city. The statistics in the second half are completely on their side. former national team also entered the game Dejan Lazarević.

Goooool! 0: 1! 65 min Celje improved the lead in the second half of the game. Dario Vizinger In the lower right corner of the dom'alale gate hit hard Ajdina Mulalića. He gave that gift Rock Strauss.

Dariot Vizier's hit:

64 minutes: In the sunny Domaine, guests were unable to share much of the administration. Representative Rudi Požeg Vancaš he shook the door.

63. Minutes: Guests are in danger. He saw from afar Rock Strauss, Scored 59 minutes Nina Punchgarshka, but could not miss the target.

The second half started. During the break the trainer did not change. At the first minute of the second part, Mitja Lotric (Celje), 25 meters from the door.

End of first half year. Several spectators in the Domžale Sports Park did not expect a hit, and Seljani gained a lot of prestige in the second half.

Minutes 40: Great hit on domals. Defender Tilen Klemenčič it is suspected crime Mithya Lotri took the second yellow card and was welcomed back in the match. Judge Roberto Ponis The player removed Domenal and thus ensured that Celje's players were counted in the following matches.

How to remove Tilen Klemenčič?

30 minutes: The fight between Domjale and Celji is still bad. After the third opening of the match, score 2: 1 for the home team. The result – 0: 0.

15 minutes: The first chance in the game. Matej Podlogar he made it Matyaz Rosman and he put it on the stands. This was the first attack on the doorstep during the first round of the 16th round.

The match started In the Dominican Republic. He is the chief referee Roberto Ponis. Going to the Coach Dusan Kossic he scored a match that lost in the last game to Maribor (0: 5) Simon Rosman but saved the team that won the match Goritsa 3: 1 on Wednesday.

Trainer Domuzha and Selge have marked the top ten. How did they decide? Simon Rosman included Dusan Kossic?

Jamaica will remind you again Shamar Nicholson, who scored four goals in the last two meetings? Seljani's biggest defeat in the season, after defeating Maribor with a score of 0: 5, goes to Bistrica, Camnia.

At 14.00 Domzale and Celje will take part in the opening ceremony of Sunday's battles. On Wednesday, the yellow family ended long-awaited matches. He is on the fourth place in the rating and wants to go further in the next season.

The Green Carnival Carnival in Slovenia has been held in recent days before a Benedenic-sponsored breakthrough with Norway and Bulgaria.

Regular Tavares is number 145

Representative member Luke Zachovich included Amir Dervishevich On Saturday, Maribor helped Trippa to win confidence. At the 26th minute, Kranjčani surprised the favorites of Ljudski vrt Tulen Mlakar has hit a big hit. Gorengie's joy was not a long-time captain Marcos Tavares remote equalizer to 1: 1 master shots. The first half did not give the winner, but the three subsequent figures dominated three goals.

Attractive gate of Marcos Tavrés is 1: 1

First, Zakhovich managed the lead division of the first division and then showed a complete result Santiago Felipe Santiago, which won Milan's victory and won Michael Antichhe marked the first hero of the Tawares meeting. For both goals, the SNL record has risen to 145 goals, and in 88 minutes it has left the field and has been greatly applauded. Instead, Dervischevich entered the game and played for a few minutes.

Before the game Alex Pixler NK Maribor's Director Bojana to me jubilee, and a viper gift to the centenary of Jersey.

It was the first to limit the decimal limit

In the first round of the 16th round, Defeated Gorica in a 1: 0 score and went on the third place on the scale. Rose died in the quarterfinals of the Cup, but this time winning Rock Circus Among the top teams in the first league, Telekom Slovenije is on the first place.

Hit Roca Syrka:

He was the first player in the season to limit the threshold of the 10th hit. Rosarin continues the simple array. In the last six games, they left five points in the championship or cup and they only won the game against Rudar.

Olympic happiness ends

The state of the lake, NK The modern history of the Olympics is written in golden letters, as at the end of June 2015, the dragon was given the title of national champion in Valencia. This time, they win the lighthouse capital because they do not want to be too far from Maribor. The match started at 16:00. Their plans also include swordsmanship Maria Pushchik, The former thickness of the Olympics, the rhythmic grip, and at the last stages, they quickly overclocked points.

An unforgettable celebration of the Olympic Games in the 2015/16 season. Green and white, winning the title of national champion, only a few players remain.

An unforgettable celebration of the Olympic Games in the 2015/16 season. Green and white, winning the title of national champion, only a few players remain.
Photo: Vid Ponikvar

People under their control Zoran Barisicz they do not look like a defeat, Rock Kronaveter When he scored nine goals, he attacked the best striker, Andres Womberg she was awarded for the best actor of the month.

Andres Womberg "class =" article__related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src =" http://siol.net/media/img/50/e2/265db3009eb161ef92c8-andres-vombergar.jpeg


Olympic has broken Maribor's rule, now he loves # video




Milan Mandaric "class =" article__related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src =" http://siol.net/media/img/36/81/40dc2699ad940302473b-milan-mandaric.jpeg


Mandarić: Judges are Olympic Fair, but Maribor may be shocked at the video




The last round ahead of the break is made with Krishko and Aluminum. The slaves are looking for points of departure to survive, while Kidrichani is much better in this season. In the Cup, they had the best place among Krchani, and in the championship they were forced to drop the top half of the table. In the last four games, they have only scored.

The best ones are:

10 – Rock Sisters (Murray),
9 Rock Kronaveter (Olympic),
8 Dino Hatić (Maribor), Rudi Pozek Vanis (Celje),
7 Ján Mlakar (Maribor), Luke Zahovich (Maribor)
6 – Andrés Womberg (Olympique),
5 Andrey Filippovich, Dorjale, Giuzi Lupeta, Tiglav Crann, Jasmine Maristor, Shamar Nicholson, Dominique Basti, Marcus Tawares, Marcos Tavares, Milan Tucic (Rudar)

Match Reports:

Main part:

Maribor: Triglav 4: 1

Murray: Huris 1: 0

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