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Luke Donchitch has a reason for the video N10 in the NBA league


I play Luca Donchick in the NBA league and tells the whole world. He again showed a spectacular performance against Houston Rockets and his steps were recognized as the best on Thursday night. "If you do the right thing and you're in close contact, that's a goal. Basketball gods feel good about you, "says Rick Carroll, his coach.

In the NBA basketball league, LA Clippers team is the hottest team from Dallas Mavericks. Both of the last ten games have won eight times. Dallas wrote a third and a second guest.

Luke Donich


Donchchi plays NBA: three times in the middle of the shooting range and up to the end.




Houston Rockets fell down (128: 108), and they also felt themselves Luc Donchick. Slovenia's basketball player is also scared James Hardin. In the first quarter, he played with him and finished the third round. This step took place on Thursday, Thursday, at the nba.com site, the 7th most beautiful place ever.

The best 10 NBA events, two of them Donchik

"Luke sets out such goals."

But this is not the only one in the ten. After the first half of the playground his trio was tenth beautiful. Without a doubt, after winning Houston, he may be among his best players.

Donchick's meeting with Houston Rockets – 20 points, 6 assists, 2 assistants

Lucky Special Targets is surprised by the head coach of Dallas Mavericks Rick Carlisle: "Luke was at the end of the attacks with heavy goals, in the first quarter he caught us, and I see him often." He teaches them, but if we follow them, there is no good season. The player knows how to knock it out so well that Devin Harris has the same goals in the fourth quarter. If you do the right thing and keep in touch, then that's a goal. Basketball gods benefit from you. we must not survive, we must work in defense and join our team ".



In the United States, the poem about "lawyer" is represented by Luke Donchick




You can go to the west and fall in the West

Luke Donich

Picture: Getty Images

The Slovenian player in basketball finished with 20 points and six sampling. This time he played for 24 minutes, which is less than the average (32 minutes) but the game before the match has still caused doubts. Because of the illness, he missed the training session.

To win the race against the racetrax today, Dallas has won a half-time, winning 10 wins and nine losses. It started with two victories and seven losses in June, but now the team looks different. At a very complicated Western conference, they may want to, and can lead to their destruction.

"Everyone knows that the West is very different, and one victory can really win you, but the loss is much lower," Carlisle says.

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Adolescence and Half: Dončij served the new NBA recorders




Nowitzki can not be hacked: boys play great, so I think I need to go back

Noetzky does not want to return because he does not want to make any foolishness, and on the other hand, the team plays very well.

Noetzky does not want to return because he does not want to make any foolishness, and on the other hand, the team plays very well.
Picture: Reuters

They still expect them to return Nowitski Racing. They said that in late November, a German veteran would be able to return to work, but his return was a little delayed. "Good, but I only run two weeks ago and started jumping, it takes time, and I still do not feel that my legs are pleasing to me." All the guys are great, so I'm not going back and making some irrational things, "says Novitskiy, 40, a member of Dallas since 1998, and has also won the 2011 NBA championship title.

It is Luke's special Sunday night Sunday night, which will be a Dallas-based specimen Lebron james. Together with the NBA star, he met face-to-face in his own country, where La Leyser had to be defeated. Californians are also in mood, and the score itself is interesting – in the last ten games seven victories have been recorded.

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Dončić did what he wanted




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Doncic smiled at NBA # video




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