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Now snow is expecting

The road service is ready for the new winter season.

They are ready for the new winter season, as they have all the equipment and have been able to get enough salt and qualified personnel to work in the winter, said Varsko, Traffic and Traffic Safety

Ulrich Zorin.

Ljiliana Herga, head of the Infrastructure Maintenance, Road and Traffic Safety Department, began preparations for the new winter season. There are 1060 workers, 427 snow removal machines, 238 traction tractors, 161 automatic transmitters, 62 snowmobiles and 475 other vehicles in standby mode. The Directorate maintains 6,000-kilometer main and regional roads.


It starts


Tomorrow it will change and then snow to snowy mountains

Winter tires or chains

Representative of the Main Police Office

Ivan Kapun

From winter to winter, vehicles in the winter mean that they have to have winter equipment, ie all four winter tires must be stored in steel horses. If the drivers keep the summer wheels, they should keep the trunk on the trunk.

The vehicle must be cleaned. For optimum visibility, clean the glass, as well as clean the lid and the luggage compartment from the snow.

Also, Kapun said that the coastal municipalities' drivers would not need winter equipment if they were walking along the coast of winter. If they decide to go to Slovenia, they need winter equipment.

Snowy Ljubljana. | Author: Anze Petrovich

Anže Petkovsek

They rely on favorable weather conditions

The winter service in Maribor is ready for the new season. General Director of Nigrad Company Magzaz Krebel acquired some new machines and made a new call to subcontractors and created a new contact center for users.

"In the past year, we spent more robberies and spills than in previous years, so the costs were high, we used about 2.4 million euros"

he said

Jože Planinc,

In November, Nizhny Novgorod served as the head of the service department.

This year they are waiting for the bad weather. The winter season officially begins on November 15 and lasts until March 15.

"We have reviewed all lakes and in the beginning of June there are about 600 tons of salt and 700 cubic meters of sand in the warehouse, the winter service meets the needs of local residents and towns. 80 units of light and 150 employees,

he said.

"When the main roads fall to 10 centimeters of snow, and the other roads reach 15 centimeters, the stationary equipment will be torn off,

he said.

snow Author: Sasha Despot

Sasha Despot

They serve their priorities

He is the Director of Municipal, Transport and Space Offices

Will Eisenhut

the public must compel the public services to rid the roads divided into three classes up to 750 kilometers.

"It is provided by these priorities, so we call on the people to be tolerant and understanding,

he said.

Insufficient cleaning of Eisenhut bicycle routes is often a challenge, and in winter, cycling routes are mainly intended for snow removal.

"First, the roads and sidewalks are cleared, and then they are on the path of the cycle, the most important relationships we can never clean because we have no snow,

he explained.

The head of the city municipal inspectorate does not allow criticism

Ivan Kobal,

according to which last year communal services were able to properly clean all the roads in the municipality. The main issue is that citizens or multi-apartment managers have noticed snow removal in public places.

"It is impossible, can be punished"

he said.

The nurse in the car Author: Журнал24 main


Box installation is not allowed

Owners of buildings and administration should provide safe access to buildings from public places, remove snow and ice lamps from the roof, as well as store boxes or other objects in parking lots.

"If you clean the city, it does not mean you're a sting"

he said.

Many of the problems for winter services are improperly installed on vehicles that interfere with spraying and cleaning traffic surfaces. That is why members of the emergency staff are urging citizens to take off their cars from public places when it is snowing, which will allow the winter to function normally. Unregistered vehicles will be handed over to Riders to increase the costs of their owners.

In the winter, there are up to 20 kg of salts for the public. This can be during working hours when a personalized document is issued in the municipal offices and local communities.




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