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Pathological dependence on "intelligent communication"


I'm convinced that most of you have met a fatal woman – your head, a woman who stands up and down. Who are the lovable women?

fateful woman


Not all spouses have the means to protect themselves.

Melita cook

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Melita Kuhar, a graduate of the university, social worker and social worker

Women do not know that they are beautiful or obedient, but they have some foolish magnetism that they do not always know, and that man's magnetism works wisely.

The definition of a woman with every eye fever and death is almost as common as men. Of course, women in these women are usually jealous and have an interest in their popularity in men's sex.


But do you think that all spouses are equipped with self defense mechanisms? Can they control their emotions and feelings, if they have many fans, are individuals and individuals?

Many such women are not surprised and can not bear the stunning burden. Can not you hear this? Many men like it, but because they do not believe in their inner strength and have a good self-image (although they are beautiful), they know very attractive and interesting women, they look for attractive partners, but have had a profound impact on people who are incapable of healthy relationships.


Over time, such a relationship has changed in hysteria and exacerbation from need and dependence on death. Many women are rebellious and want to make peace with the man so much that no one has ever heard of eating and drinking with them. But as they were trained to be fascinated by their fingers, their princesses could not be sure that they were happy and satisfied in one day, and on the second day they were foolish and liquid.

"Comic Communication" is a cruel and fraudulent relationship, but one is no different. This is a lack of genuine and true love emotions. Instead of romantic and romantic feelings, such couples control the lack of manipulation, fraud, and socially regulated mechanisms. You allow and depends on everything. If one of the colleagues knows that he can not withstand such intensity of relationships and wants to get out of that relationship, others will do everything to save it. The means of achieving this goal are not limited, and the evidence is not the same.


Many of these couples can not work for a long time, gradual decay can occur, but both of them feel very long, they can be emotionally irreversible and always look for pathological relationships.

What we can do is search for and find words that are unavailable in human nature. Fatalka is difficult to reach. After all, everyone has the right to choose, but how he chooses – his decision. We are different people, right?

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