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Contemporary lifestyle, which is associated with poor nutrition habits and weight loss, increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which can lead to chronic and multiple complications. This is a major factor in the loss of cardiovascular disease, renal insufficiency, blindness and legs.

For prompt fulfillment of obligations

Diabetes is recognized only in 50% of people. Slovenia's diabetic association association and the Society for the Protection of the Cardiovascular Diseases of Slovenia, to integrate all national, non-governmental and professional powers of Slovenia into the national diabetes monitoring program. And what half should you cut? Diabetes mellitus revealed that only 50% of patients with diabetes mellitus have been diagnosed in the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) study. Of these, only 50% are treated, only 50% of them achieve medical goals, and only 50% achieve the desired results.

Vice President of the Association of Diabetes Associations in Slovenia Alod Rudolf has a diabetic population of more than 425 million people worldwide. By 2045, this figure can reach 629 million. In Slovenia, there are about 125,000 people with diabetes, many do not know that they still exist. "We do not keep patient registration, but we will mention it for many years. Because illness does not cure, we can do everything we can to make people aware of their status. Otherwise, there may be complications. «

It does not die for sugar

Diabetes mellitus is the world's biggest disaster, and a chronic non-communicable disease that is about ten percent of adult population, and the number of patients is growing rapidly. Two thirds of people with type 2 diabetes live in urban areas and are 20-64 years old.

Due to diabetes, approximately 4.9 million people die each year, of which 60% are related to cardiovascular disease and their complications. "Patients in sugary can not die of sugar, but because of complications. A person with type 2 diabetes is dying of a heart attack and frequently experiencing anemia in the legs and all subsequent things. If we recognize the illness in time, we can cure and treat it, and we can extend the quality of life for such people, "said Prim. Matija Cevc, President of the Society of Cardiovascular Health.

IDF has released a global survey on the awareness of people with Type 2 diabetes mellitus in this year's risk of cardiovascular disease. The researchers involved 12695 patients, whose results reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Fourthly, the doctor has never talked about the cause of this dangerous factor.

Let's face your risk

The doctor Aleš Skvarča, Diabetes Physician, Ljubljana, an internal physician, explains that cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes has been more than 15 years old. In his opinion, half of them do not know about their illness. "People with diabetes who are diagnosed also get blood sugar as an illness," says Skvarka.

Some may have nine or even 12 years before they know that they have diabetes. But then the complications are obvious. Timely detection and timely treatment of the disease are very important. "In the early years of the disease, we lost the miller, so we could finally hold a significant millimeter," says Skwarca.

The World Wide Web offers a number of useful tools for identifying the Type 2 diabetes risk, one of which is a specific risk specificity. If we know our risk and check our health condition in a timely manner, we can avoid serious complications that can endanger our lives and improve the treatment results, and the IDF recommends.

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