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Ljubljana, November 22, 2018 (Morel) – This year, the student organization of Ljubljana University (Ljubljana) begins with a new date from 2018-2020. In October, the members of the Student Council were elected, representatives of student organizations of higher education institutions (ŠOVZ), and a new president was elected at the constituent assembly in November, and at the first ordinary session, the Chairperson of the SCO was elected in Ljubljana.

LUJLIANA IN LYUBLUU is a democratically-organized community representing the rights and interests of students from the Ljubljana University and independent graduate students who are members of ŠOU in Ljubljana. ŠOU Ljubljana is a leading student policy in the field of education, social and economic conditions of students and international cooperation.

Every two years, students and students, voters and voters vote in the Student Chorus in Chu, Ljubljana, and the members of private and student organizations of higher and higher education institutions in the direct, universal and general elections. Members of the Deputies shall elect a new Chairmanship of the Šou Departments of Ljubljana and the Student Council (hereinafter referred to as the ŠŠ Šou) in Ljubljana.

The founding meeting of the ŠZ Šou in Ljubljana was held on Monday in the Student Campus. At the session, newly elected individual ŠOVZ members were elected the secret president of ŠZ ŠOU in Ljubljana, a third-year student at the Faculty of Law at Ljubljana, Aysa Midzan. About 40 people from 43 members took part in the meeting, 36 of them in favor of AG, 4 against AGAIN. In accordance with Article 133 of the Lublin Rules, it is desirable to elect the President of the Assembly
all members. After the elections, Aas expressed his gratitude for the election of the deputies and said that he wants constructive work in the Student Assembly and mutual respect between the member states. The new members were welcomed by Andrew Clack, Director of Show in Ljubljana, and wished them a successful and peaceful mandate.

Yesterday the first session of ŠZ Šou in Ljubljana was held, the new president of Ljubljana was elected; President, Heads of Departments and another member of the SOS Leadership. Candidate of Chu Presidential elections in Ljubljana, 2016-2018. The president of the Ljubljana was taken by Claude Peran. "I made a nominee decision because I think the work has been successful over the past two years and I want to continue the conversation about the new mandate."
ŠOU in Ljubljana supports all students, and also noted that all students and students of the University of Ljubljana want to live and study in good conditions.

Nominations for Heads of Departments:

Communication and development resources: Jakob Jež, 3rd year student of the International Business bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana University.

Center for Social and Health Resource: Christieun Runowts, 1st year student of the Program and Financial Management Master's Program at the Faculty of Economics of Ljubljana University.

Training resources: Trent Vodebe Jmawz, 2nd year student of the correspondence course in economics, mail, economics and telecommunications.

Resource for International Cooperation: Mitya Zorich, 2nd year student of Orthopedics and Prosthetics, Medical Faculty, Ljubljana University.

Resources for Learning Issues: Blaz Plaza, 3rd year student of Bachelor's Degree in International Business, Faculty of Economics.

ŠOVZ Resources: Tim Mijich, 1st year student at the Faculty of Economics at Ljubljana University, Tim Mazic.

Sweden's representative in Ljubljana, President of the USSR: Mubina WraggyHT, A graduate of International Relations Bachelor's Degree at the Social Sciences Department at Ljubljana University.

All applicants first presented their programs and dedicated their programs to participants and other participants, followed by two questions for the candidates and then the Presidential Bulletins.

For the President of the Show in Ljubljana, 41 members voted in favor of the secret ballot (43 votes), 34 votes for ZA, 7 votes. Kleeman Peran 2018-2020 He was re-elected president of Ljubljana. During the election, he thanked the electorate for their trust and noted that today's new event will begin. Most of the candidates for the Department were elected by majority of the candidates, most of whom were the ŠOU representative in Ljubljana under ŠOS.

This is the beginning of a new two-year Ljubljana student organization, where many projects have been announced for students and students of the newly elected President's Ljubljana University, which will simplify and improve students' lives. This was reported by the SC. (end)

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