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The best hotels in Ljubljana


Parks around the city are becoming a park.

People prefer to travel a few miles from Ljubljana, where they combine lunch or dinner with shorter or longer visits, and even sleep after dinner. If a person has jumped to the edge or edge of the city for a business lunch before, but if he's eating it now, he would prefer to stay in the center of the city without any problems.

In short, the Ljubljana dwellings have a new role that they can not be viewed publicly, but in other ways the projects will no longer be linked to the Slovenian trio of beef broth / meat / apple pie. Now in the kitchen, they range from organic wines to Italian taste, from organic to original cooking dishes.

1. (2) Hotel Grice (Stanthorst at George Horse)

Luke Koshir breaks the race in the Ljubljana region with his modern look, acidification, drying, smoking and ingredients, in fact he is on the top of Slovenia. Do not be afraid that food is too exotic – the list of incredible dishes in the grocery pays special attention to local meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. For a taste of about 50 euros per person, wines and spirits are very reliable, but Sentwick loves culinary tourists, travelers, cyclists, and winter riders.

Restaurant rating: hill


Grič Inn: Extreme food at Sent Jost

Inn Skaručna (Skaručna)

The unforgettable Slavic Žagar for 98 Euros offers you the longest carousel of food (four cold meals, four soups, two hot dishes, two main dishes, three desserts). Food – once again, there was another plate on the agenda – it is well suited to organic, natural or orange wines. Of course, there is excessive champagne, for example, a champagne or a glass of quiche, but does not say anything about the sweet brandy that is waiting for the bar.


Skaručna Inn: Living alone at home with a turning table



3. (3) Kirn Inn (Lake)

The legendary hotel in Ljubljana March is very different. They are open only on weekends, on other days only by booking and still offer seasonal dishes under the home cook. Ljubljana's prestigious cuisine is accompanied by unforgettable news from Slovenian wine makers. For about $ 30 a person, you can easily bribe at least once in Europe's largest politicians.

Kirn Inn


Kirn Inn: The "bottom" master

4. (-) Everlasting green

The restaurant in the golf center, which satisfies the hunger for sportsmen, has recently achieved success. The list of foods is interesting enough, but it is a tasty dish that helps tired athletes to recover lost energy. In addition, the newest chef offers a taste of 85 euros in the longest version. For champions who want to have a toast after a fight, there are many sparkling wines, including champagne; otherwise, Belize is the biggest one in all the commercial areas of Kaval.

Tavern rating: Evergreen


Evergreen Restaurant: Smledick takes care of golf players

5. (4) The Rubr Inn (Križ pri Komenda)

The Krug Market near Komren is the oldest building in the country. They say they have been cooking since 1934. Along with relatively well-maintained dishes of the Slovenian canteen, they prepare you a salute of menu and kitchen with six meals of six meals. They also have vegetarian recommendations and a list of wines where you can find all our favorite and best wines in the world.

Restaurant rating: Čubr


Rubr Inn: cookies and tastes

6. The Kowch Inn (Tomasevo)

There is only a tavern near Qovach, and that's great. Honest tradition does not offer anything new, but the classics they've prepared are brilliant, such as broths, steaks, horse steaks, or fish. The main guests are still well-established entrepreneurs, and the prices are astonishingly normal. Compared with the proposed supplement, there are several surprises of wine offering, which are constantly replenished. Get $ 35 for one person for food.


Kovacs Inn: The hotel on the outskirts of the city

7. (6) Mrt D & # 39; Ampezzo (Imeno)

One of the hospitable hotels around Ljubljana is the ceiling facing Moravči, where Piedmont cooks prepare Italian specialties. Especially in the summer it is pleasant, the wine list is stronger than the Italians, the prices for food are about 40 euros per person.

Restaurant rating: Mrt d & # 39; Ampezzo


D & # 39; Ampezzo Mole: Italian British Wine & Rose Flower

8. (7.) The restaurant of the Repnik (Kamnik)

Repnik prepares home-made dishes in their garden, at home and in many sports events. The more suggestions are probably the orthodox suggestions of the Kamnik aromas because they are called local cuisine of these places. You will be able to eat simple dishes and lunches at the Repnik, which carries you with a car, and there are rooms for tired food and tourists.


Inn Repnik: between beef and brush fats

9. (8) Trnulja real estate (Black Village)

Barge's large organic farm has slightly changed the working time, so they are not only open on weekends and Friday. The kitchen work is up-to-date, but the idea of ​​a very organic ingredient that helps most of the ingredients grow on their land or bought from nearby organic food makers remains unchanged. Even wines are amazing – they are organic. The lunch costs $ 25, and if you eat it to order, there are about ten.


Trnulu residential complex: medical-resort stop

(9) Inn Pr & # 39; Kopac (Brezovica)

We are not mistaken if we consider Kopchus the most hospitable place in Ljubljana. No classical philosophy. Main roles include beef broth, roasted meat, rolls, etc. They rarely share news, but soon their wine offer has improved. They are still one of the cheapest crabs in your area, and you get $ 20 more.


Kopač Inn: The tradition of satellites and plaques

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