Friday , October 22 2021

The first meeting of transgender rights was held in Ljubljana


The TransAction Institute today has a password in the center of Ljubljana Awaiting waiting The first public assembly of transgender rights in Slovenia. Several dozens of people from the Ministries of Interior and Health have noted that the gender transformation in Slovenia is still unlawful and can not be regulated in the health sector.

"We are improving the health of our pathologies and individuals," said TransAction Institute Director. Lynn Julian Coletnik, as well as the founder of the Institute. He noted that human rights violations of transgenders are a daily practice, but the Ministry of Interior excludes responsibility and does not regulate sexual discrimination.

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"This is the process of changing the official gender data in registers and records. For example, we replace m with the letter f or vice versa. One letter is a great deal for transgender people. Living without the right paper on the paper makes us legitimate where it is needed and therefore is often discriminated against, "he said.

TransAction Director Lynn Julian Coletnik. PHOTOS: Jose Suhadolnik

According to the clerk, responsible agencies "do not want and will not allow this letter to be transposed into a short, fast and usual boring procedure". He said that instead of transgenders, "mental illness, especially mental disorders, will have to be diagnosed and compulsory for medical and psychiatric treatment."

"The current procedure is poorly regulated, which has a very difficult bureaucracy in the country, there is no court order to officially recognize sex or sex," he warned. According to him, TransAction and the Ledbita Association have been conducting dialogue with the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a number of years, but they have only been denied responsibility.

The issue of the legal recognition of sexual relations and treatment of transcendents remains unresolved in the words of Koletnik and "transsexuals are subjected to diagnostics of mental health, psychiatric and psychological treatment, without identity documents, discrimination in society, and in public places."

Otherwise, today's meeting on the protection of the rights of transgender participants was held at the Argentinean park, where the flags and banners were heading to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to the Prešeren Square. According to the Colonel, this measure has shown that the rights and the lives of trans-border people are worthy of legitimacy and respect.

The TransAction Institute has also begun collecting signatures for a formal invitation for sexual assertion procedures for Transsexuals, which will be submitted to the Ministry of Health at the end of November.

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