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The Slovenia national team received a ticket to the Dutch tournament at an additional time


In the last match of League of Nations League League League, Slovenian footballers won Bulgaria (1: 1) and moved to D League before win. Slovenia team moved to the League of Norway. England, Portugal, Switzerland and England played the final tournament in the league. He needed a German tour at least at a time. It was 85 minutes behind the score 0: 2, but eventually it hit.

Match Report Bulgaria: Slovenia

Bulgaria Slovenia League of Nations


Slovenia's point in Bulgaria ends

The Slavic football team could not win the last match of the League of Nations, before the League was unable to avoid the last place and regression. In Sofia, he defeated Sofia 1: 1, finished with three points and three defeats.

Bulgaria's networks In the 68th minute, guests abandoned the Slovenian defender and sent Mihla Mewlala to the penalty area, Galin Ivanov and with his head blow Vida Belca. The joy of the hosts was not long, and seven minutes after the beautiful delivery of Andrága Strun, Miha Zajc. Both teams had a good start, but the goalkeeper went out, so the score was 1: 1.

In the second match of the group of Slovenia, the Norwegian team won the first place in Cyprus with a score of 2: 0 and went up to the League.

Photo archive of Bulgaria: Slovenia (photo: Reuters)


The first place after the Dutch drama

Group A was in need of a fight between the Dutch and the German team, which did not succeed until the start of the match to secure the first place in the French team. Even after 85 minutes, it was seen that the tulips failed Quincy Promes Reduced to 1: 2, Virgil Wang Dyke but the referee was able to move forward in extra time.

The Netherlands began to develop after a major overhaul in the last minutes of the Dutch match.

The Netherlands began to develop after a major overhaul in the last minutes of the Dutch match.
Picture: Reuters

In Group B Ukraine took the 1st place and won Slovakia with a score of 1: 0. In the fourth group, Denmark won the first place in the match, leaving the Irish.

Georgia is undefeated

D. In Group A, Georgia was the first to score the first in a row with Kazakhstan 2: 1, while Latvia lost to Andorra. Macedonia defeated Gibraltar in the 4th group with a score of 4: 0 and took the first place. Liechtenstein and Armenia are again created.

Drama in Wembley pleased England

Harry Cain switched to England in the 85th minute (2: 1) and transferred to the Croatian League.

Harry Cain switched to England in the 85th minute (2: 1) and transferred to the Croatian League.
Picture: Reuters

The new World Cup, England and Croatia, last year was opened in the 4th League of League A and went to Wembley at the World Cup semi-final this year. Both teams had to win for the first place, and Spain, which had played all their matches, was enough to win.

Once a master has set a goal Andrey Kramarić The 57th minute was good for the guests, but at the end of the match an English match won and lost to Russia. First, in the 78th minute the fighter drove Jesse Lingard, then captain of 85 minutes and the best forward of England Harry Kane.

Switzerland has won a remarkable victory in Lucerne, a long time remembered.

Switzerland has won a remarkable victory in Lucerne, a long time remembered.
Picture: Reuters

Nora is a match at the Lucerne honoring Switzerland

In the 2nd Group 2 League, Switzerland had to win two different battles against Belgium, but two goals Thorogana in Hazar, Chelsea's younger brother Eden Hazard, At the beginning of the match 2: 0, but everything was resolved. But then the Swiss team scored five goals and triumphed for 26 to 41 minutes. He was an attacker in Benfica Haris Seferović, it has achieved three goals.

There was only one game to play in the league, but that does not matter. Austria defeated Austria 2: 1 in Northern Ireland, but the first place in this group was an unfortunate Slovenian selector before Bosnia and Herzegovina Robert For Prosinic.

In the C league, Hungary defeated Finland, winning the first place in the match. Estonia was surprised by the fact that he had moved to the lower league before the last round, pushing him to go to court.

In the sixth match of the 2nd group of the Belarussia in the San Marino League, he won the sixth place and took the first place in the group. Moldova and Luxembourg have been created again.

The last tournament of the elite group in Portugal

The last tournament of the elite squads of the League of Nations is held almost in Portugal.

Portugal, Italy and Poland were awarded for this organization, but since they were nominated for the four best national teams, they played in the Portuguese group A3 – they did not fulfill their basic terms.

Serbia - Rising to the League.

Serbia – Rising to the League.
Picture: Reuters

Is the Serbian success?

On Tuesday, this is the last day of the next part of the League of Nations. There is only one game in the league that does not matter. Portugal, which defended the first place, did not accept Poland.

In group B the second group is accepted to Russia. If he wins it, he will go to A, otherwise it will be a success for the Russians.

In the 1st League of the League, Scotland and Israel win the first place in Glasgow. In Scotland, Israel must now win the first place.

In Group 4 Serbia should win the first place in Lithuania, but it may be enough to equalize or even defeat. Romania may first need a victory in Montenegro.

In the league of the 3rd group, Kosovo needs only against Azerbaijan in front of domestic fans in order to rise to the EC. Adopts Malta Faroe Islands.

It was known before the last round:

League A:
Group Winners: Portugal, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands
Release: Germany, Iceland, Poland, Croatia

League B:
They: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Ukraine
Release: Ireland, Northern Ireland, Turkey, Slovakia

League C:
He said: Finland, Norway
Edition: Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania

League D:
He said: Georgia, Belorussia, Macedonia
Last location: San Marino, Andorra, Liechtenstein

How about TU 2020?

Through the League of Nations, four tickets will be available for 2020, and the European Championship will decide the final tournaments in each league (A, B, C and D) by 2020. In the spring of 2019, the EP 2020 Selection Cycle 2020, which will feature ten groups, and direct participation in euro will give the best teams in each group (total 20). Selection of the second qualifying group will take place on December 2 in Dublin. At that time, the results of the League of Nations will be known.

League of Nations, Round 6

League A:

League B:

League C:

League D:

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