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Huawei phones are popular with their original camera. The latest model of Mate 20 Pro is made up of Leica's three cameras, which are also found in poor light conditions, and the quality of the pictures taken with them is also reflected in the "Day at Celle".

Millions of people have made about 80 billion photos. Three years later, this figure reached 660 billion. Today, it is 1.5 trillion. The rotten figure that tells us about the importance of today's picture. Today, we've shot more photographs than ever before.

Memory that will last forever
Photography was our view. Expressing our feelings, we share the poetry that will allow us to come back and forth repeatedly and then share the beauty of the lens at once with the world. Photos may contain powerful messages and can bring joy, grief, and discomfort to a person. Think about the warm feelings that fly over the family album. Each photo has its own history. Its history
Sometimes words are difficult to describe and write. As they say, there are over a thousand words in the photo.

The importance of today's photos, as well as the second manufacturer of the Huawei smartphone. Their phones have been popular for some time in their particular camera, which is also confirmed by the P20 Pro rating above the well-known DxOMark photographic diagram, otherwise the main reference in this area. Huawei has partnered with Leica a few years ago to develop a camera for phones that work on phones.

Take a very good click image
The ultimate result of the collaboration is the Mate 20 Pro phone camera, which saw the sunlight in the middle of October. Huawei confirmed the status of alpha and omega in this mobile phone. With its advanced artificial intelligence, its three Leica cameras determine thousands of different real-time scenarios and automatically adjust various settings such as exposure, contrast, and color saturation, and thus the user
photographs in different situations.

It has an ultra-wide angular lens, which also reduces the vast expanse of the surroundings and gives spatial and three-dimensional effects to photos. The new camera system supports close-ups that allow you to capture a macro-image or sharp images of objects at a distance of about 2.5 centimeters from the lens. Leica's three cameras are ready for any event.

You can also note a special night-time mode, where you can hold the phone in your hand without shooting and capture sharp shots.

The sun on the celestial is through three lenses
You can also check the quality of photos taken by the latest Huawei phone. In collaboration with a professional photographer Urško Premik, Huawei has prepared an exhibition called "The Day in Tsele", which can be seen only in pictures shot by the Mate 20 Pro. You are traveling through the magic of the street designed with the Leica three-dimensional camera. Huawei phones also became a true partner of professional photographers.

The exhibition can be seen at the exhibition "Day at Celle":
– From 5 November to 11 November, Tselce, City Center Shopping Center.
– Ljubljana, Supnova Shopping Center, from November 18 to November 31.
– In Ljubljana, Maxi pasaža Shopping Center, from December 1 to December 15.

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