Thursday , September 29 2022

Voice of the brush to be aware of a male genital tract


November – month of fight against malignant tumors. They joined the health center in Jesenice, where the employees "dressed" as a sign of solid support.

Jesenice – Movember is an international movement aimed at raising awareness of the health of the population and men's illnesses. Thus, this month, men will be able to grow crocodiles, and the campaign will put on the "spades" of fans and take pictures with them. They entered the Jesenice Health Care Center, where Jesenice Health Center initially boosted men's malignancies on the stand, and photographed the staff to support the action.

Head of the Health Center, Ksenia Noc, said every year more than seven thousand men in Slovenia diagnosed malignant tumors. The most common tumor in men, especially the elderly, is prostate cancer, with 1,500 men each year. Male malignancies include cancer, rectum, skin and lung cancer. According to Xenia Noc, colorectal cancer is more common in elderly men, and malignant neoplasms are commonly associated with men aged between 20 and 40. As with any other tumor, most importantly, early detection, involvement in secretive bleeding in the stool, regular Sweat program … It is important to maintain proper nutrition, movement, non-drinking, and moderate alcohol consumption.

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