Saturday , January 28 2023

An explosion at a home in Helsingborg


Police were in a storm.

It was found out that the explosion occurred in a large house.

Police officers warned at 22:55 in Slingen, Helsingborg. According to police, there should be an explosion at a large house.

The explosion at the moment is unknown.

Detonation must be outside the apartment door, but there is no information about injuries.

"We were in the apartment because we did not hurt anyone. The palace was empty, says Kale Parson of the Scandinavian police.

– Even the kitchen door should be damaged, but no injuries.

Police said on their website that several windows on the ladder were damaged and that the staircase had been blocked before a technical checkup. At night, a group of police bombers, referring to KvP, came home.

Then a police bomb technician works 00:40

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