Thursday , August 18 2022

At the horsepower show, five high speeds


1) Sweden Grand Prix on Sunday.

All the contest winners will win. What driver's license is the latest after Friday and Saturday? Let's see the hot animation between Latin American Bertram Allen and Swedish national stars Malin Barr Johnson and Pierre Fredrikson. Or why Harrie Smolders shows up in the world? Maybe you can do one of the younger promises. Typically, the usual jump will become a nail.

2) The bow free program, Sunday.

This is not the easiest sport in the world for people who do not know pierphrine, pierce and pepper. But you do not have to be an expert to eliminate good relationships between fishermen and horses. The rider of the national team Patrick Kitel was invited to the riders along with the most famous riders and German Ezabell Herr. The year remains in the Swedish soil.

3) Matine, Saturday.

The horse show is far more than jumping and jacket riding elite riders. On Saturdays, for young and old people. Familjematinén offers riders, chandigarians, island horses, fjord horses, small pioneer rhymes, and several riders to compete with.

4) Fair competition, Thursday.

The internal version of sports has been evaluated for several years. The barriers approached, which is close to the distance and it is really going. This time a competition with the new, two-time world champion Rosalind Carter, headed by the British team.

5) Prize of Prince Charles Phillips, last Saturday

Classic since 1987. Young bombers are the most important of the year and Saturday final. The prince himself sometimes appears as a prize winner. Malin Barrard Johnson and Angelica Augustsson won the competition as a youth and eventually became a national star.

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