Tuesday , August 16 2022

Awesome and impressive Taupe and Nordhall – Comments


Sven-Bertil Taube, with our history and status, has a few artists. Of course, he can contribute to a concert, and he can even be automatically informed before going to the stage …

I respect Eusta Taube's skill, his cue and his articulation. Norld's harmony and extensive piano games are also impressive. But this is not a productive meeting between them, they play parallel and are close to each other.

Lord Everett applauded many of the Taube wizards for the consent of the orchestra. This is a very deserving, but record-breaking agreement, and occasionally, at this concert, they sometimes make scenes of things they do not have. Many harmonies are sought and relying on the claimant – this is not something that describes the genre!

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A funny tapestry and installation, but Sven-Bertil Taubbe and Peter Noralf sometimes sang together.

Other examples are: Änglamark, Nordahl Tubes, and musical accompaniment, to compete with attention. Also, "Fragancia" and "Stockholmsmelodi" are used. The main thing is the magic of "Sjösalavår" – great text and great music!

Visas can not be performed by an acoustic guitar. Of course, Evert Taube, which has not been balanced, is permitted in several ways, but most Nordahl versions.

Father and son Taube are national monuments. Sven-Bertel is not a tradition – it's him! He lives with Nordhall. But the main point of the evening is that Evert Taube songs are always paid – these songs are never silent and should not be forgotten!

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