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Björn Wahlroos releases Nordea with money laundering


Nordea has been hot for a long time. This is the bank's arrival in Sweden, testing the customer's dissatisfaction, and recent charges of money laundering. The Chairman of the Bank, Bjen Wahlow, was able to solve all issues at the Annual Meeting of the Bank.

– In my opinion, it is not good to have money laundering. As a bank, we are fully aware of all the millions of transactions, but the payment platform. But over the past decade, we have made a lot of effort to improve our control, "he says.

He said it was Nordea has about half a billion euros (five million) resources to handle problems. This is in particular the creation of new systems and traffic jams.

Many of the Bank's customers have decided to visit us, said Norden CEO Bjen Vakhloos.

Björn Wahlroos is also the chairman of the Sampo Finnish insurance company, which had previously sold Danske Bank's banking operations. Part of the bank in Estonia was later identified as a place for money laundering.

"There was something after the transfer, and I do not share it," he says.

According to Bjøn Wahlowau, Russia's view has changed dramatically over the last decade. He does not want to develop the subject better, but looks like corruption that has come to the east from different angles.

Interested in Nordeas From Sweden, the Chairman of the Board did not make any choice. The decision was good for the shareholders and therefore, of course. But he allowed the Nordea headquarters to stay in Stockholm.

"The issue has been discussed for a number of years including Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson. But the bank was unable to find a favorable solution and there was no choice but to move.

The main problem is Sweden's Swedish banking regulation, which is cheaper than having Nordic headquarters in Finland, which is part of the European Union Union. This means lower requirements than Sweden.

Nordea's Swedish clients It is not quite satisfactory to prove with different sizes. Björn Wahlroos acknowledges that the bank is not acknowledged as positive in Sweden:

"This is partly due to Nordea's merger. Many bank clients did not come to us, he said.

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