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Book overview: The novel of Helena von Zweibkberg "Tolalskada"

This is not our profession. Here you live, live, and live with whom you live. Live in the display window. At least the middle class's life.

Agneta – fifty-six people and her husband Javier are retired and his attitude has changed, and self-esteem of simple life is a little shocking. But what is their shared life? Kitchen islands, linen, close friends on Saturday in the winter oven. They think that steel pipes are so harsh for the ancient rustic furbor. Or with the ice cream counter on the new grill-gray sofa (and the old-fashioned crystal crown) with a TV set.

"Full Damage" is full of application security, with a common class of aesthetic wrestling that is similar to all people. Swedish never was 14 years old.

"The correct match of the original composition," says Agneta.

I think about death. It feels bad. It looks like she's picking up the Xavier sofa. He has come from Argentina for a long time – he is not that dangerous and unusual – he thinks like a wide leather sail like Agneta and his curls are beautiful and now he is like a respected Swedish forest. There he is the "first murder", with five shotguns. Rabbits suffer a catastrophe. Total sum of damage.

After the magic appearance in a garage garage, after cutting the sticks, the skin is cut and filled with rice, mushrooms and mushrooms on which they are hanged, are burned in a small oven. Agneta hopes to go on the stairs for her evening show, where she must be alone and her thoughts are free. Is it not related to Hasse's love for work?

It enters the pot, the fan, the wall, the cats. And all the eagles burn. No one will die, but home, home, gadget, décor, smoke will burn. Who are you then

Book Review: "Needed" Helena von Zweibkberk

– I was home not just deviation, "says Agneta, but also gave me weight. My furniture, my cabinet, my family's history, from silver lamps to crystal cranes, and Swedish twin to two.

In the middle of this spell, when Agneta is surprised and deeply thought out, when he is naked naked, he goes to a deeper debate. If so, she will only receive half of the family's support. Her husband, two daughters and a daughter of a bonus are directly in debt ("How do you smoke?" Agneta sees her role, its branch office, the federal center, the service station, and one of them is a disgusting mother.

Unfortunately, there is an accident on the other side. This is a classic middle class, however, when Javier is flaming and dragging, the bit-life story loses its force. The "general trauma" here is the novel of another communication, Agneta's view of man. Now it's a general hopelessness. He has agreed with Hass for half a century: "When we are together, Hassa and I, I am with him. I have no room for you to open your bedroom and love Javier. " But at least it does something.

«Total damage» Xavier and Agneta's older brothers may still be tempted to look at their behavior, but they may still look smart. Agneta's independence is politically motivated. Blurred vision and effective urinary irritation of Helena von Zweigbarck describes how we live our lives. And not me

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