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"Do not say we will kill someone …"


Martin Carlson did not come back after the injury. Photo: Tobias Sterner / BILDBYR N /

Martin Carlson at the first stage went against Carlsruhe and has since been there. On Wednesday night, he was back in full swing.

But Vekseras ended up with another shot for 2-3 points Leksand after the two goals scored in the second round. The time the team really enjoyed the team.

"We start a good start and receive a receipt. Then play two shows, play four to four, then they win more. Then, if we do not escape the elderly, it is a return. Then, he jumped back. It is important for many matches, "said Captain.

– Unfortunately, we lost the game in the game. The most important thing is that there are three goals in their area that will shave when we enter and lose us. Surt. I think we will try to do something today.

First of all, should the defense be improved?

"We should get worse. Do not worry after flying, remove guys before. Very High Resistance to Goals. I do not say I should not kill anyone. But we have to play seriously. And we will make it worse for us to achieve their goals, "said Carlson.

Photo: Tobias Sterner / BILDBYR N

Leksand now has three losses. Fourth, fourth. Dalalaget dropped to sixth place on the table.

"We are weak and it is important to get it as soon as possible. We work everyday, and it comes back a week and a half, as it has won the most matches. However, there are a few margins, you are 100 percent uninterrupted and work, so you are raping in this series.

Is there comment?

– No, it's hard to say. Weaknesses come in season. Then 110 percent of effort is needed to get them out. All commands are not felt in the shortest possible time. Now there are three coffees that is enough.

Martin Carlson said he had agreed to play again:

– It should be good. The body feels good. Then it is a pity to lose it. This is an abundance of colors.

Match score:

VIK – Lexanes 3-2 (1-0, 2-1, 0-1)


First Stage: 1-0 (12.10) Lucas Zetterberg (Gustav Lindberg, Michael Spielling)

Second leg: 1-1 (22.04) Johan Porsberger (Wild Broms, Axel Bergkvist), 2-1 (33.38) Fredrik Johanson (Alexander Lindalf, Gustav Lindberg), 3-1 (35.45) Alexander Lindelf (Josh Papas, Fredrik Hetta)

Third Stage: 3-2 (47.08) Jesper Ollas (David Rundqvist, Mattias Nilsson)

Photos: 27-26

Exhibitions: VIK 5×2, LIF 3×2

Listeners: 4 589 (sold)

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