Tuesday , January 31 2023

Half of the employees were burned in the facility


STOCKHOLM The emergence of new opportunities creates difficulties with the work environment. Internal overview shows that more than half of employees are in danger of being exhausted.

According to Sveriges Radio, an internal poll of health workers at the facility shows that more than half may be burned.

"That's what I'm serious about. We need to move forward, and together with the union and security representatives we have to consider this issue, "he told Sveriges radio.

The Gender Equality Body has not been for a long time. The Agency was established in January 2018 and is committed to assisting other authorities in gender analysis and gender equality.

But ten months after its creation, more than 70% of employees say they are in trouble.

More than half of them say that they have difficulty sleeping and depend on fatigue related to stress.

Lena Ag says, "It's very hard for the staff to feel that they have heard or keep them.

The Equal Opportunities Unit has already distributed 530,010 SEK and has paid contributions to the Association of People Who Reject "Confession and Community".

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