Friday , October 7 2022

In Westmansland there are few antibiotics


The use of antibiotics in Westampton has diminished, and now it is less than 300 recipes per 1000 people and is 250 on the road.

"It's a joy, but still a lot to do. Only in Europe, about 33,000 people die of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics every year, "said Lars Bed, a WB infection doctor in Walthamland, said on November 12-18 in a press release on the antibiotic week.

In recent years many bacteria have been resistant. The antibiotic is still unable to heal.

"The worst case scenario is a future that is difficult or impossible to do, because there are no functioning antibiotics. Or small pieces may die. We are still missing, so it is important that we continue to work for controlled use.

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