Wednesday , June 7 2023

Josefin Bornebush creates a drama comedy "Love Me" for Viaplay


Photo: Sérún Hrafnkelsdóttir Norén / Viaplay.

Josephine Bornbush

Viaplay offers another new series; "I love it" drama comedy.
Upphovskvinna – Josephine Bornbush.

Josephine Bornbush, a woman behind the latest news from Viaplaye, who debuted at the beginning of this year as director of the LasseMaja Detective Agency – First Secret.
"My Love", he writes a script, plays one of the main roles and is described as a dramatic comedy about relationships and love that can continue to three generations through Commonwealth, Grief, Release and Romance.
– It is a series of relationships and love that can be governed at different stages of your life. Starting from the series of life, from the beginning to the end, Borniusch participated in the project.
The Scriptures are already going on, except Bornishch, there are others Sverrir Gudnason, Johan Uleson, Yes Langhammer, Gustav Lind ("The Earthquake", "What Circus Circus") and Hollywood Crona in the roles list.
"We are expecting to be born in 2019, with a multifunctional talent and roles list, such as Josephine. I'm glad to keep this product up and running because it gives a unique addition to the entire range of the North Band, not just to Viaplay. "Love Me" is essentially the same as that of Josephine, capable of making smiling and recognizable situations, not just magical Fredrik Lünberg, Viaplay Program Director.
The premiere is scheduled for autumn 2019.

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