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Limit traffic on the rest of the day – tomorrow morning


From 12 o'clock on Monday morning, after the airline crashed, train movement is limited and comes from Knutpunkten.

412 passengers were evacuated from the Öresund railway station in Södergatsviadukten.Picture: Bjorn Lilja

The train, which runs from and far into the intruder, is limited. The road to the scene was opened, but the rest of the day is not normal.

– You will see it as a traveler. There will be delays and traffic companies will be able to break the traffic, "said Joanna Ljung, spokeswoman for the Swedish Transport Administration.

Positively, according to you, you have an assumption that the error is corrected, though it was some time ago.

"At four o'clock in the morning," he says.

This also means that Öresundståg, SJ trains should normally be run through Knutpunkten. That was also the case with Plewg on Trelborg. Hässleholm and the tram were replaced by a bus between Knutpunkten and Ramlösa.

Through Teckomatorp, Ystad tram replaces a bus between Helsingborg and Gantofta.

As usual, Forsland is located north. On the other hand, the Italians are expressive-express between Helsingborg and Hill.

On Monday morning, at 8 o'clock, the contact line between Knutpunkten and Ramlösa was injured. The mistake indicates that no train went to Knutdown and left several trains around Helsingborg. In addition, the SJ train was in the woods in the Palèce.

"We stopped in the woods. The train died completely because the power was lost. Rolf Larsson, who is on board, says no one is going to shine.

Although the atmosphere was all good, some people even began to think about leaving the train until the clock was ten.

Otherwise, the atmosphere was very quiet. Perhaps, I want to say, he says.

Part of the railroad blockage was excluded to allow passengers to leave their buses.

In the south of the city, Oresund was hit by an air line around the train. Under the Södergatsvviado, the panther fell into the airplane for some reason and dropped it off the ground.

However, management was not able to diminish completely.

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"We are now guarding the front and rear of the train to evacuate passengers," said Danish Anderson, a passenger transport accident commander in Sweden.

The rescue service also took place to help evacuate, which began at 10:00.

The Rescue Service and the Swedish Transport Administration make the Guidelines for the Voice Violation evacuation.Picture: Bjorn Lilja

The mistake caused great delays in various places around Helsingborg

Passengers from the south were allowed to enter the city of Lescether, where many people gathered in the waiting room at the station. The buses have come now, but there is no sense and no mood.

– I am going to 57 people. There will be plenty of buses. Do not drop one another, the bus driver calls for calm down.

From the North, the train stops at Maria's station, where passengers are calling for city buses to get the last bit from the city.Picture: Sofia Nilsson

Bus in Landskrona.Picture: Yvonne Johansson

The Swedish Transport Administration was informed about the current situation. They:

"The stop at Helsingborg stops stopping. Tramways and stopped trains affect train traffic between the West Bank and Landcron and Halstatt, and may also spread to other strips in southern Sweden.

Oresund Train is located on the length of Landskrona-Angelholm / Halmstad.

The SJ Express train does not stop at Hummingsborg between Malmo and Gothenburg.

A pedestrian cross between Helsingborg and Trelleborg is set in the suburbs Landskrona-Helsingborg.

The trains at Helsingborg-Hasselholm and Helsingborg-Yass line are located on the Helsingborg-Ramlos metro.

Between Helsingborg and Förslöv between the tram Helsingborg and Maria.

The owners were the station owners.Picture: Micheal Rosenfeld

In the Landcross, passengers are expecting additional information.Picture: Yvonne Johansson

There are also problems with rail traffic in the north of Skane. On the western coast of Varberg, there is a problem with the signal failure, that is, the train to Gothenburg and the south is delayed.

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