Sunday , March 26 2023

Meg Ryan is engaged in rock musician John Mellencamp


56-year-old Meg Ryan and 67-year-old John Mellencamp have fought for relationships. Three years later, they decided to go on a separate road in 2014, but last year was rebuilt.

Now they are investing in everything and it's always hard.

In Instagram, they say that they are dealing with themselves.

Meg Ryan works in social media and has two cartoon images, each one in the hands of one another.

Since his appearance in New York City, the actress has just released the news with a new ring on his finger.

"Meg Rai loves me, he hates me"

After a break in 2014, John Mellencom interviewed Howard Stern, who believed that Meg Ryan hated her. At that time, he met 63-year-old Christie Brinkley.

"I love Meg Ryan. He hates me, I think I'm a kid, I'm leaving, I burn and start complaining. I have all the bad pages, so I told them on the radio show at that time.

Meg Ryan was one of the most successful movie stars of the 1990s. He made many romantic comedies like Seattle Sleepless, French Kiss, Your Mail, and Kate and Leopold, and told him how he loved his age.

– I love my age. I love my life now. In an interview with Porter Magazine, I liked the person I did.

If it is a wedding, she will be married to Max Ryan, who previously married an actor Dennis Quaid. John Mellencamp will have his fourth marriage.

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