Tuesday , August 16 2022

More than 10 (T-I-O!) New Games will be released in The Game Awards


Many of you Red Dead Redemption 2 On December 6, Los Angeles will be the winner of The Game Awards. Rockstars Wild West Epic together God of War i Spider-Man The maximum number of prizes was eight pieces.

However, Game Awards are more than awards and prizes. Over the years, many new topics and demonstrated demonstrations have been shown; Sekiro: shadows Twice, The Bayonette 3 i In the valley of God For example, we saw last year, and this year we get at least 10 publications.

This laugh star is Jeff Keighley, who is on Twitter with a clip. In addition to these bombs, we also receive news about the games we know. However, we still do not know anything, but for example, to hear about it Metroid Prime 4, which was discovered last summer, was found in the shadow of the radio.

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