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My dad Dante is not happy with the money


Swish collects a helicopter lease, which can help with major search operations after Dante.

There is no money, helicopter has never been.

Police banned the flight, and on Friday afternoon Dante was found. But the little boy was no longer alive.

The expectations of Facebook groups will be as good as it was before, and more than half of them, more than 120,000, were delivered to lost people on Monday.

Searching for Dante is the largest in the history of the organization, and thousands of volunteers have joined for three days.

Searching for Danton is the largest in the history of the lost people.
Chancellor of the local police in Falkenberg, Chris Bartollsson, had difficulty keeping her tears when she was serving a death sentence.

The rest of the money will be donated, and the rest will be donated to Dante's family. But that does not happen.

Dante's father, Sven, was kind, but certainly did not choose.

«Too much love»

Speaking to one of the group members of the Facebook group posted on the team's page, he writes:

"Thanks for a good move, but I feel the benefits of money losing people."

Dante Bonus Mother Marie:

"We are very glad, but we never got money on the map. Sven hopes to help save everybody's life.

He also thanked everyone for his love and affection, which he has helped to find Dante.

"Sometimes you can ask where the place is, but it will put everything in Dane. We have a lot of love and have a lot of love. Wonderful words, neighbors with food, where the cleaning company … it is absolutely stunning, says Marie and continues:

"Chronic babies have extra love for chromosome, and they share it with Dante all over the country.

"Of course I am grateful"

On Sunday, Sven said on Facebook:

"I never tried to go back to hell […] My desire now is to help me recall my love. I can not thank all those who helped me, and I can not even show them. "

"Sven expresses her gratitude to all those who have helped them in this terrible situation. But it is impossible, and now it does not take it. But we want all of us to appreciate it, "says Marie.

On the Day of Fathers, Dante's father, Sven, told him about the tragedy on Facebook and his absence.
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On the day of the death of Dante in Storkorg, Falkenberg, the sea of ​​light and flowers grew.

Magnus Idbro, chairman of Missing People, commented on the award:

– I do not know what to say … That's great. Only thanks to humility. This money enters our business and gives us the opportunity to continue to do so. In the long-term, they can save lives, he says.

Break the coins

There was a big mistake in the Facebook group that supported the package initiative.

In her account, a woman with money was sent for fraud – in turn, she reported on police repressive and illegal threats.

But money has to be corrected, and Marie and Sven want to focus on the gestures, not the conflict.

"Everything has been completely processed, and as I said, we are grateful for ever," says Marie.

GT has contacted Dante's family who has approved the publication of this article.

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