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New study: There is no link between vaccines and allergies in children


In anthropophophylachia, children are much less likely than children allergies, as previous studies have shown. But what is there in this environment that protects children?

Ursula Flatters, a doctors doctor at an antipsychotic Vidarklin and other doctors, have proved that there is no vaccine, including measles healing.

Johann Alm, chief physician at the Schumacher Hospital in Stockholm, says. He studied this case and compared children with anthroposophytic lifestyles to normal children.

"We have not seen any contact, so some parents may be treating their children or allergies," says Johan Alm TT.

The trade union disappeared

During the study, Johan Alm and his colleagues traced three groups from birth to five years. 466 children from the city of Järna in southern Cedentania have been found, of which 99 were completely anthroposophytic, and 100 were believed to be living in this philosophy and the rest were absolutely alive.

In the following period, parents responded with questions about lifestyle and other questions, but several times the children were tested. In addition, blood samples tested for allergies have been tested.

– We have seen that the prevalence of allergies among anthroposophical children is lower than that of other children. In addition, we see the relationship between vaccination and lowering allergies in blood samples, but these are expected to be allergic to children. However, this relationship has disappeared, as we have been exposed to various risk factors, such as family lifestyles. That's why we can not support vaccines for children who are allergic to our interpretation, "said Johan Alm.

Confirms other studies

Agnes Wald, a professor of clinical bacteriology at the Saxon Grenoble academy in Gothenburg, tells SVT News that the new study confirms previous studies on this subject.

– This study has shown in many other studies that vaccination confirms that the child does not increase the risk of allergies. You look at anthroposophytic children and you know that there is less risk of allergies than other children.

"Research has shown that antiseptic protection is not dependent on anthroposophytic vaccine production. Thus, there is something else that can be done to protect the child against the development of allergies.


However, the researchers do not know what's happening in anthroposophical life that reduces allergic children.

Johan Olm: "Environmental factors may be like a diet.

The study found that 58-year-olds among anthroposophytic children are completely unlikely to be 5 years old.

Due to the lack of anthroposophobia in vaccines, outside the Järna, the formation of red dogs and beetles has been observed for years.

The current study was published in the journal Lancet, EClinicalMedicine.

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