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Norvorging has moved to new large-scale sales



David Moberg Carlsson.

FKK Norcoping can win Sweden again in recent years, but the club has sold many players in recent years.

Another potential sixth is coming from the club after luck season.

"I know there is a great interest in me," says 24-year-old David Moberg Carlsson.

Compatible with the Swiss town of Heike, Norveoping, the most heavily-charged charity, left the eastern coast of the IFC on Saturday after the last training at home.

Some players – Simon Tern, Henrik Kastegren – have little or no pain, and only Andreas Blomkvist is far from golden drama.

More than 2,500 players in the Bravida Arena team have yet to earn gold at Sundsvall against Oborro and AIK at 0-0 to support their team.

Maturity has matured

Last weekend, David Moberg Carlsson, who won Ust-Kamenogorsk with a score of 3: 2, scored two goals and further strengthened the stronger formal curves last summer.

"I can play and set a goal. This season I've played for 90 minutes, we have a lot of speed and attack, and then the opponents are tired at the end. It will be easier to win, "says Bobble Carlsson SportBlade.

So far all of Sweden has scored ten goals, which, in turn, is a good one, and since last summer it has scored 19 goals in the series "DKK" and a cup game.

"Last fall was the foundation of this season. When I came here, I could play a little bit because I could not catch some pieces between the exercises. Now I've learned to take a few extra treatments and treatments.

In the summer of 2013, Ford sold 24 million kroner from Ford EGK in Gothenburg.

In 2018, we placed Sportbladet at the 20th place in the top 50 of all the top Swedish players.

As a father grew

Last autumn, in addition to ice cream on the plane, Bill's parents, Clara Villavto, joined.

"I feel as if I'm 24 or 19 at the time. Little clever, I'm all right. It's very smart, but it's a big difference to be my dad, "he says.

2018 is a multi-purpose aspect, but is a big responsibility for Norfolk at the IMF, for Morger Carlsson.

"He was a very good person. This year, I've been saying so much.

The following season, the contract was awarded to Muggler Carlsson as he participated in winter tournaments last winter.

Do you talk of the extension?

– No, not straight. Norcoping does not want the players to be happy for being here. There were clear thoughts about how I want to go abroad.

"I need to live here"

"It is difficult to tell about the future, because I have a lot of resistance against Hacken. I know that I have to make a decision on that. If we had nothing to play, then I would have much more to say.

"If Norwegoping was paid to me for the IFC, it's time to sell me for one year. I'm not a player who wants to be like Bossman. But Norcoping thinks that one more year has passed than before.

"If we go, next summer we'll play Champions League."

Fotbolldirekt has recently been interested in the Dutch and the Club's 24-year-old girl, according to which the site estimates 15 million SEK throughout the year.

"We are looking at the sales in January and the Norwegoping David knows that he wants to go abroad again," said Pier Jonesson, a lawyer at Portbolizekt.


«Very interesting»

Moberg Carlsson tells Sportbladet:

"I know that there is a lot of interest. In my opinion, I had a very good season of the year and then would not be interesting if there were no clubs.

– Next time I try to get more information about the club when changing club.

Is this Sunderland experience?

– Yes, of course. Sunderland failed because I could not play. But now I have come here and have been so good that it is more like an experience than a mistake.

"If I were in Sweden, if I had moved to Sweden for the first time, I'd make the mistake.

"At the right time, I'm ready to go abroad again. I will not jump to the first and the best train to go again. I have a great confidence here and I play a lot, it's a good club and a good team. Norropping does not belong to ICF.

Do not worry about AIK

However, David Moberg Carlsson says that all Sunday Swedish dramas and Norcoping are against the Hacke's end.

"Everything looks great in the match. It is a very good spirit and no worries. We have nothing. If we turn into two, we have had a great season, "he says.

"It's the only thing I expect from myself and the team's expectations are the only thing we are fighting like animals, and nothing more than the end of the match. It bleeds beneath your feet. Then we can compete in Gothenburg and play for our match and AIK.

How far do you greet Trelevorg and Sirius?

– I am very sorry. But when we win against Hacken, we get 65 points. Often it is enough for gold. We did not do enough. We can be proud of our season, but we are not satisfied.

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