Saturday , June 19 2021

Now Ernst tells us about the Christmas program this year

NA Last weekend, Kenst Mill was written by Ernst, who had moved to Christmas. The TV4 recording team appeared in the mill in the autumn of Ernst Christmas, but later chose to change the recording area for Christmas production.

Carl Jan Granngist tells me that Ernst's Christmas is now home in Saxe Manor. In this case, such a task as TV4 did not explain when the NS responded to these questions.

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But now Ernst Kirchsteiner writes on Facebook that he is at home with Karl Jan Grangwist, the record of this year's Christmas program.

How to write Ernst on FB page: "Most of you have asked for Christmas together with Ernst, and at last you can see me again on TV! This year, we are playing in the Seagull Magazine in Brooklyn, USA, and I offer you many options. Visit this really beautiful Christmas home at home. TV4, TV4 Play and C on December 6, at 20:00, are often missed. «

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