Monday , January 30 2023

Now the lakes are bombarded with helicopters – News in Nayburg – 24 hours a day


One of the environmental issues is the burning of lakes and streams. On Monday, November 26, many lakes will arrive Nybro i Municipality of Emmavada helicopter is blocked.

Calcyling Åleberg & Bjurbäcken and Lyckebyen in Åfors continue to dose continuously.

Here are the chalk lakes:

Hagbins water collection platform: Åsgöl, Gransjösjön, Alsbogöl and Virkesjön

Halltorpsåns Water collection site: Smedsjön, Bastsjön, Sörsjön, Torsjön and Gunngol

Lechebi water collection site: Juveevens, Alsuisen, Loften, Thorne, Ublemelshen, Munkaczjon, Bradsezhen, Halashzhon and Yen

Nättrabyen Water Conservation Area: Smedgol, Skepen, Foramallacion, South Calven, Lidashen, Hammarschen, Lillegehen, Natterhov.

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