Wednesday , December 8 2021

Obese children can be well cared for



Foundation Photography. In the annual program, children and their caregivers met with nurse, diet and, in some cases, physiotherapists.

According to a study from the Stansted Academy, children with primary health care or outpatient care can avoid long-term weight problems.

About 60 children have become primary health care providers. Three years later, three out of the ten cases of non-treat- ment, as shown in the study, were three in the past.

According to Staffan Mårild, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatrics at the Sakhldzhensk University Hospital, obesity should be treated in specialized hospitals soon. He says most people have to go to primary health care.

"The weight of the research, though impressive, is at the same level as the key research clinics. The big advantage here is that the effect will take place after four years, "says Stafford's press release.

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