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Ole Pallars, a farmer looking for a woman with children


Olle Pallars and Lisa Skock Dalman have a child

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All happy family.


Three years ago they met "The Woman Looking for a Farmer".

Now Olle Pallars and Lisa Skoog Dahlman took his first child.

"It's a great feeling to be a father," says Ole Pallars.

It was discovered in early October Linda Lindorf on his blog Olle Pallars i Lisa Schok Dalman children wait

On Tuesday, their son, after all, appeared two weeks after his birth.

"It's hard to imagine that you did not agree with it before. But Lisa is a wonderful and happy news for me to be a parent, "says Ole Pallars Nyuzbladete.

There was a cesarean section

The couple from Järvsö came to Hudiksvall to check the CB on a Friday. There they decided to start shipping.

– Lisa did not really answer these methods. Not enough illness. Of course, if we had it, it would have existed, but once you have to stop, then we have chosen a lot of time. Planned sharp section, for example.

Palle says that the whole family works well.

– Yes, we do. Lillgrabbe is growing here.

Do you have a name?

– Emil or Edwin at the top of the list. But I think it looks like Edwin.

Pallas about the wedding plan: He has not left yet

Ole Pallars and Lisa Skok Dalman met in 2015 in "Our Woman Looking for a Farmer". Lisa's letter was first read by Olle.

Do you think it would be three years away?

– No, you think. For me, this is a never-ending feeling. At the same time, you have small seeds that you can trust, otherwise you will not be allowed to participate. But no, it was hard to believe.

Married couples are still in CB. Tomorrow Ole Pallars hopes to return home.

There are ten day cardboard days for Pallars.

Do you have a wedding plan?

"No, Lisa did not go," she laughs

"We had the full time to be married and then go along, and then she became pregnant. In any case, there was one.

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