Sunday , September 25 2022

Ostersund municipality terminates sponsorships for Östersund FK


Daniel Kuddberg, chair of the "Arestsund" company, has been suspected of big fraud and extortion since April, when it is conducting a general accountancy. According to Östersundshem, Kindberg has been CEO ever
The homeowner is at least $ 10.7 million. Football Team has always been free of charge when Kinderberg has abandoned the board.

However, it is possible to say that the football channel is EFF officer for a quarter of a convicted person convicted in September in Kyrgyzstan, but with a limitation period.

Both the staff and the club do not want the press
The football channel commented on participation in the Ecobrotts Authority investigation.

But now it works Municipality municipality Östersund.

"I asked the commander to stop paying the last part of the municipality sponsorship. If we stop it or stop paying, we will go to a broader political debate, "said Bozyshe Swanson, chairman of the Central Municipal Council.
P4 Jamtland.

The general sponsorship of the municipality is 900,000 SEK. It was paid in three-thirds. Now it is suspended 300,000 thirds.

The Municipal Council announces that P4 will not accept a decision to terminate the payment to Jamtland, or will soon be rejected by party leaders.

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