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Pokémon Go Go: Two of the best in the world


In fact, this was a matter of time. Pokemon Go is still successful, and the traditional games of the series that do not use it make money on the lake. Nintendo has already tested this trick when Pokémon Sun and Moon are launched under the worst Go hysteresis, but there is still a great deal of differences between the game and the game.

Here's the picture of Pokemon Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. The developer Game Freak has started to use Pokémon Go's simple access and creates a hybrid. A hybrid of prejudice, though virtually perfected, works even better than expected.

We all live in Pokemon

The former fans of the series immediately feel at home. Let's classify it as a new version of the first series of games. So we can control the first 151 monsters, and on the other hand, we can buy all Mega products and Alola versions. And what will he do when he is ready to restore some of the most popular places and events in the history of the series.

Let's continue

After all, when we get our partner from Pokemon, Evi, or Picasa, and take our first steps out of the game, we see the biggest news out there. All casual battles will be replaced by the version of Pokémon Go. Instead of appearing on a precarious GPS map, they are in the bushes. Some pilots, other warriors. We really lived in Pokemon. First of all, the proportions of the samples were taken into account. On the map you will see Onix or Gyarados, which cover large parts of the screen. Very cool and really timely.

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Everything needs to be collected

However, a person who anticipates a traditional battle against monsters immediately wakes up. It is designed to deal with the fighters and has remained unchanged since last. Instead, it is mechanically removed from the Pokémon Go for various game modes, either directly for pokemon or for the Nintendo Switch. If you run a laptop, you need to redirect the console to your changes. It does not require much effort on our part, and it looks natural after a while.


Unfortunately, we can not claim ourselves when playing the TV in dock mode. Here is the only version of poker balloons run by Joon. Initially cool information, but after a while the disturbances are unreliable and tired. It is also not compatible with Pokémon Let & # 39; s Go Pro Control, which can be regarded as a missed opportunity. Play mode controlled with the curve function of the control was a great substitute for hand shake until it was a fact of lactic acid. This is about everything about the Nintendo Switch, "even if you want to play everywhere and want to do it", but we will most likely end up working hand-in.

Compatibility mode saves when network mode fails

Detailed details are the ability to play Pokemon GO. Going to a place called Go-Park, we can send a mobile game monster. Unfortunately, one-way communication, sometimes sending Pokemon, is unfortunately not possible. But at least we can collect monsters from different reports with no difficulty, and get bonuses for each Transfer Pokémon Go. It also simplifies the process of capturing all the monsters as they are scattered across two different versions of Let's.

Let's continue

The Go function is a living thing in this respect. Previously used functionality to send samples, one of the two devices is still shady. Of course, we can send templates between switchboards, but the online version will of course make you happy. Instead of a well-functioning concept in the latest 3DS games, we need to memorize our friends' transaction and the codes of the selected characters. And if he turns Pokemon into an unknown player, or if he's having trouble, that's just forgot.

Comments and Prices

Pokemon Let & # 39; s Go, despite the shortcomings, is basically a pleasant experience. Seeing baths, walking around shrubs, plains and mountains, reinforces the sense of preparedness for the mission of catching all the people.

The most classic music pieces in the series, memorable characters and the best-designed Pokemon (yes, have to be slightly different) have had the chance to become the best in Pokémon Let's Go. The game now feels like an animated series – originally good and then real pain. At least, if you play your TV in locked mode.

The characters of the films Picasso and Gay Guy go to Evey

Genre: role play
format: Nintendo connector
publisher: Nintendo, The Pokémon Company
developer: Game Freak

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<p>    Beautiful, beautiful environments and wonderful symbiosis in Pokemon.<br />Influence of other parts as well as the animation.<br />Simple battles make the gamers different in mechanics.</p>
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Limited management options.
After the last battle there is not much.
Kasst Online Mode.

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