Friday , February 3 2023

Premade gasoline was twice as expensive


Photo: Andreas Hilgren / TT

Consumers were shocked when petrol and diesel prices doubled on Thursday. Foundation Photography.

Suddenly the price of fuel in the premium pumps was twice as high. In the whale supermarket, gasoline rises up to 30 kilometers, and diesel – up to 32 crones.

"It was impressive in the system that corrected the 74 prices in our system. That's why the system has added a new estimate of the current price, so it has doubled, "says Nicholas Brantalan, General Manager of Preem.

The error lasted from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the station.

"I thought about a hundred, I got more than three liters," says Kvällsposten, a consumer at Skurup.

How many people do not know that they have suffered. Nicklas Branthalsoon says that the staff at the mackerel station are in contact with customers to help them return money.

– The adjustment will be carried out automatically with us and the bank. No customer will be charged for a high price.

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