Tuesday , January 31 2023

Radio service publishes 76 services


Photo: Henrik Montgomery / T. T.

This week, Riksdag decided to replace tax on radio and television, and now Radiotjänst has sent a message to the first employees. Foundation Photography.

Rixdag came to the conclusion that the radio and television fee was taxed. This means that Radiotjänst dates back to Kiruna.

76 reports were published on Friday, SVT News Norrbottten reported. Traffic monitors and supplementary staff members are running on January 1. On July 1, 115 messages will be deleted.

"As a small municipal municipality like Kiruna, she loses many jobs at the same time," says Kirunak's future municipality, Gunnar Selberg (SVT).

This summer, the government announced 120 replacement jobs for Kiruna to cover 120 radio stations.

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