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Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games have at least been able to prove themselves as rock stars, and that's right. They have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to create games that are open to thought-provoking games that offer pure thought from stories that are interesting to their characters. In many cases, the fact that the budget of recent games in the "portfolio" exceeds the budget of the Hollywood films is not surprising, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is no exception.

A well-planned and thorough introduction, slowly and unconditionally, the player enters the complex game mechanics and is a masterpiece of the van der Lind Time's skillful storyline as it is solid, well-thought-out and proven of education. game design. At the end of this prologue, the gaming world is fully implemented. The contradiction with the restricted surface of the "prologue" not only feels but also attracts a striking view of geological exploration.

John Marston, Susan Grimsow, Lenny Summit, and Jose Matheus, are the only characters in the story, not only in film sequences or events, but also with one another and the main character of the game (Arthur Morgan). He did not respond to Arthur's apparel attitudes, even with Arthur's well-being. After all, such instructions should be given to the main character. If it creates clay, it will become dirty, diminish the soil, grow rich around it, grow hair and beard, and it will be thinner and weaker in several ways. This detail is not far from here, but finding this type of game in your mind is a great part of the joy of playing games like Red Dead Redemption 2. So I try to do it with interest.

One more thing that is actively promoting the heroes and animals around the world is how it affects the environment. To know how Arthur and his brigade or blood flow to the bloodstream of the two bloods should be slightly more detailed on how the clay legs or the stamp of a pen may act. , skin and earth, in a word, are awesome. This is insufficient, because the characters have never witnessed any interaction with the objects. In short, it looks just like when a hero chooses a pea candy or a weapon again. There is no deviation, no movement in the weight of each movement, and the ending of the mark and the limitations of the object.

It is possible to expect a number of key tasks, first of all, with such a large, comprehensive and well-integrated world. Certainly, Rockstar Games exceeds my expectations in many ways, and I do not even know where to begin. But I think animal hunting is one of the best starting points. Animal hunting capabilities are not new in the gaming world, but Red Dead Redemption 2 may be much more than a live shooting and use of body parts to prepare food. Here you can also cover the animal skin to reproduce the equipment with the horns for hunting, the exclusive leather for selling or sewing useful items and clothing. It also means long lines on the top of the cold mountain, which requires warm clothes, and can express different rewards depending on the type of hunting. The first best bear does not have to give a high quality coat, for example, a knife-like knife can not give the best platidum as a well-lit bullet.

As it is not enough, players can store clothes, ammunition and ammunition in the form of meat, moss and horns. It does not fit Arthur's pocket. If the horse is not taken to the hunting grounds then this picture will be taken. Western game, of course, was not a Western game, but a horse, and Red Dead 2 was much more than a horse-drawn luggage, and it was also a good friend of Arthur.

It is important to have close contact with your horses to get the most out of your horses. First, take care of it, clean it and feed it. But even by collecting it or calming it after a hot sprinkle of the bandits bandit. Horsepower management is rewarded with a faster partner, the faster, easier maneuverability, and the sharpestness when the bullet wins. There are also different types of horses, some of which are found in the desert, and some can be bought in different cities. Tolerance, speed, and so on. Each person has a different potential.

However, the horse is not the only way to make a journey. You can also get one of the many horse-drawn carriages or a pedestrian train. There is more choice and more opportunities. However, some cleansing, usually found in other large open games, is not recommended for "teleportation", which can be both good and bad at the same time. On the one hand, when you want to sell the new yacht exchanges, it might be a pity to move between deserts and city life. On the other hand, the game never breaks the glimpse of time and space. What I value personally is not the only thing that can control the time, especially with the wildlife.

Regardless of the direction of each trip, there is always something interesting on the way. If it is not a legend, it can become a strangler in need of help or a band of robbers attacking it. Or, the serpent falls from the forest and needs an antidote, or the most untrustworthy lon- dedists invite unfamiliar people to dinner. Also, Van Der Lind's partners often get in the conversation, or wild strangers suggest Arthur to buy secret treasures. Or, yes … Yes, you know, there is a long list of things that can happen along the road between all the places you want to go to the Wild West. Believe it, this is just a part of all the fun things you can get from anywhere in the world by Red Dead 2. This can lead to all of these misleading combinations.

The game takes its time, but the time to do something – every second takes place under every circumstance. Combined with all the above-mentioned beautiful beauty, it consists of musical decorations inspired by the magnificent western warriors, cartridges of horseshoe nails and soundtracks from other unfading bird species. However, the rapidly growing pace may sometimes make fun. At least in stressful and actionable areas, you do not have to take a long time to get the weapon on the ground if you like it at times. Or it may not be difficult to lift the body to the right. However, the tempo is often flawless.

As you have already said, you think that you should not have many conversations, but in reality. The last thing I want to say is game control, because it's a lot … good, bad and bad. Each selection is done by pressing the quick keys or the arrow keys, which will require you to hold that button for a long time. This layout allows you to give the same button several different possibilities, and some of the actions you have to do "mistakenly". Combining one button with another layer of capabilities, taking into account the fact that the right button is pressed or not, has a sophisticated schedule that takes a long time to study. Such an array of games may be inevitable, but I have a complaint, one of my two complaints. However, there are even bright spots on the control chart. Many and severe controls make space free for some easy-to-use features. As an example, you can only change the size of the map by just pressing the button to switch to any menu or first person.

Summarizing this review, I just want to say that this game is worth your time. The whole game had an opportunity not only to deliver from the glorious open world to history, but also to the smallest details in the world. Prior to that, Red Dead Redemption 2 played a high quality and high-quality game. Undoubtedly, I can only reach the wild west in 2018.


  • History of crushing
  • Interesting characters
  • Surrounded by granites
  • Wide gaming world
  • Very complete
  • Very different
  • Quiet heat
  • When it's best, researchers
  • Horses and all of them
  • Hunting and fishing


  • You are sometimes slower than calmness
  • Comprehensive control chart


Author: Sunni Jonesson

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