Thursday , August 18 2022

Region Gävleborg – Voister


– In the Gävleborg area, work is underway to get out of the Ipads cars. So we're jumping three steps today. This means that the mission will be faster, "said Kathryn Dalstrom, Regional Manager of the Gävleborg Regional Office.

Today we have hours to set the clock and we appreciate it for 30-45 minutes.

Cathrin Dahlström
Manager of the Gävleborg Region division

– At the moment, call Customer Support, FM Support, which runs Landlord's real estate system. Discipline is supplied to the customer, which in turn sends the task to the cleaner. By sending the logs directly to the slab, we can send these members. Today we have the time to set the clock and we estimate it at 30-45 minutes with a new solution.

Tell about your patient with your project.

– Today we went to the service department on the shelf. We have a telephone caller who will receive all the suggestions and comments, the patient will be removed. This happens automatically with the routing program where the carriers have a manual task. It also saves a lot of time.

Is it difficult to set the priority?

– No, it's good to work together on several projects. This is a debate based on discussion about what staff and staff will give last year. In this way, we have found industries that we are working on.

What challenges remain?

"This is the method of the patient routing program. Today we do not want to buy anything, tomorrow should change. If we set tolerant routing, we can walk on the other. For example, bedding. This decision tells us where it happened since the time it was served, and made it easier for infection control to infect. We carry out similar oversight on our backpacks, and we are very glad.

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