Thursday , September 29 2022

RTX On! Control of Sweclockers Test Radios in Battlefield V


Updated today Battlefield V This is a real-time game-based way to play light games with the new Geforce RTX cards released in the autumn. BFV – This is the first game to run the required technology, and friends in Sweclockers, of course, can not control their fingers.

After the lunch, intense testing revealed how to play and without the use of radiation techniques. You can check the Geforce RTX 2080 Ti card, even if these settings are unlocked. DXR (called Ray-tracing option) is available in four quality modes and offers a gameplay medium (second lowest setting).

With 2 560 x 1 440 pixels in extremely challenging graphics mode and DXR off, the graphics card prints 144 images per second. But DXR ultrasound is on average an average of 77 pounds. On the other hand, many sweat candies are taken, but the tester Jonas Thorncliffe is asking questions about these privileges in several players' games.

Graphically, for example, hydrocarbons and motor vehicles are significantly improved with radiation detection than conventional strobe. However, when you move the area to Battlefield V in several player mode, it's hard to get more out of sight, and often try to find the opponent to shoot, rather than invulnerating the fire in the window.

In any case, of course, the technology of the player was expanded and the price could decline within a year. Since then, we can consider BFV's use of radiation surveillance as the first taste of true graphic enthusiasts.

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