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Skiing: Theresa Yoga's coming back to emotions


Teresa Yoga's coming back to emotionally impulses in Finland

RUKA. Teresa Yogh's return to the World Cup is a source of emotion.

Finnish skiing fans on the slopes do not trust Norwegian fighters, but after a long time after the Norwegian skiing they have no doubt.

"I have a suspicion, and Joach's case is similar to the eastern states of the 1980s, when the state authorities support doping," says Marco Eliks of Helsinki.

Another day ahead of the World Cup premiere, apart from the snow defect in Ruca.

Vallabuses are in one row and finish training in the stadium in order to prepare skiers from several countries. This spring, after the end of Falun, horsemen who have not seen one another climb.

There is also expectation of tension and the disgrace of Finland.

Ruka's premiere – refers to the return of 18-month-old ski star Theresa Yogh for the use of lip balm for banned items.

You have not missed two seasons

Neither Theresa Yogh nor the federate of the Norwegian team, Fredrik B. Bendixen, did not even see a warning triangle.

It is a mistake, Theresa Yogg said.

The Norwegian skier missed two seasons, but now he is back.

Theresa Yoga, on Friday, went to Finland to attend a sports magazine in late September, waiting for rumors about the premiere.

"In my opinion, this will happen along the way as you go along the road. A poster about me. I'm ready for that.

"People have to do what they consider to be right, and I will do what I consider right for them, and I will be with those who give me energy. What happened? I have a punishment, he says.

At the skiing stadium on Friday, there were many Finnish skiers.

They believe that there will be strict tensions in the shelter.

"I hope there will be no protest. I have not heard anything, says Paulina Lihikoentin.

"He was punished"

It is looking at the highway passing through Sweden, Norwegian, Finnish and Russian skiers.

Some time later, Marco Dickens from Helsinki.

– It's hard to say. I'm from Helsinki, so fans and expectations can be much stronger than expected.

They both think that Theresa Yogh can compete again.

"Good for me. He has a penalty, he can compete again, "says Marco Ekak.

"He did what he did, and if he is in good condition, let's say goodbye. If he feels good, he will deserve it, says Paulina Lechicino.

But Finnish banners, who admit that Sportbladet was influenced by the actions of the Norwegian ski race Theresa Yogh.

Marco Dixs parallels the systematic doping in the 80's in eastern Europe.

"I think they're getting baptized," says Marco Diques, Norwegian riders.


– Depending on their achievements. In all the riders, the riders make a very difficult exercise, but most of all there are the best Norwegian riders.

"I have doubts, and after Joaik's case, in the 80's, where governments supported doping, governments resembled eastern states. In my opinion, many athletes use doping. But if the state supports it, you'll find the best medicine and the best medicine for it, "says Marco Eckak, in Helsinki.

"What Is Not Wondering"

This is a great blame for the individual. Pauliina is more pleasant than Lexicone.

"We can not believe everything we say (Norwegian). We do not know whether he was a former (Joach). But it was a shock.

If they go back to time, the Finnish National Team is one of the biggest doping scandals in ski jumping.

Dagblad ski expert John Remmussen reminds Marco Ducka about the game.

"It does not mean that when you have been in the national team several years ago.

Ole Morten Ivesen, Women's Team of Norway:

"Working both in Norway and Sweden, I can say with my own hands that it is impossible to deceive the national team. This is not possible on a regular basis.

"Be cautious when it comes to accusation. This is not a guarantee, but it is not possible in the system, he says.

Do not think you need to worry about it

Due to the incorrect use of asthma medications by Johnsud Sundby, two years after Joachd Sundby's appearance and soon Joaquard's work became known, he dropped the mark when he arrived in Norway.

In the midst of steppe beams and on the race ground, Norwegian soldiers were compared to the DDR. "DDR NORWAY SKI TEAM = DOPING TEAM" has resolved the message.

The Finnish advocate always believes it to be reliable. Finnish skier Sami Dzhauhaajari did not give anything to the Finnish phenomenon. What Ruka Spokes Up To The Speech

"It was not the Finnish audience they ordered. Someone from Europe was sitting there. We found her. There are no Finnish fans who have set you up, he says.

Theresa thinks that Joe should not be worried about the return.

"I do not think it was broken, but in Finland we did well. But there are always people who can answer. But Theresa has been punished and can compete. Now it's all.

What do you think about doping in Norway?
"Only two people have suffered … Now Norwegian riders are good. There is no argument for anything else, but all about speculation.

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