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TEST: The week with the Iphone XR is cheaper but fierce


Tested product: Iphone XR
price: CDON 9,490 SEK (64 GB). Compare dealers and operators with the best price comparison!

Apple has lost the Iphone XR, but has left a full-screen, gesture-based navigation, Face ID and a Hypnotic A12 processor. In addition, we have achieved a lot of things like a really good battery life.

When we change the Iphone XS Max to the Iphone XR for a week, it's not really like buying back, despite the low price. Now it's not cheaper than $ 9,495, but it's at the bottom of the limit of at least $ 10,000, and the Iphone XS has grown to 3,300. Growth of prices, when we look for a new iPhone, means we have to reject the Iphone XR.

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Long-term Iphone XR testing

Cheap – almost irreconcilable

For example, the camera is very interesting. As with the Iphone XS sensor and the wide-angle camera, you can find Smart HDR here as well. Dual cameras are not available, so we do not have 2x optical zoom and advanced digital zoom, but we still have a good portrait mode with some advantages and disadvantages.

At the very least, we still get portraits of people (and pets, if you download the Khalid). The portrait mode is fully utilized for software (like Iphone XS, it uses the camcorder for depth measurement and needs a great deal of distance) so we can get closer to the captured person.

The 6.1-inch phone puts your phone in a staggering way across Iphone XS and Iphone XS Max, but we like how it feels like in the handset. When the Iphone XS Max is first of all a priority, and we have been receiving it for at least a few weeks, the Iphone XR feels right from the start.

Long-term Iphone XR testing

The screen is one of the best LCDs we've ever seen. But lcd is still lcd. The sword is deeper and better than the other screens, but it's not against the red Iphone XS. This is not really important, how often do we compare the LCD and the screen next to each other? We keep the Iphone XR on this front much worse.

The edges of the screen are not as incredible as the Iphone XS; lighting is not enough space, where LCD technology is required. But this may not really be luxurious, the eye is accustomed to the Iphone XR, and the edges are not too big. The matte aluminum frame around the screen is also much more expensive. But still – a luxurious question.

Hello, then 3D Touch

However, we do not miss 3D shock. We can exclude Apple's basic navigation, such as multi-touch mode. But here and there, it makes it easy to open shortcuts on the 3D Touch icon.

In addition, the replacement of the Haptic Touch does not end. For example, iOS 12 only works if we check the cursor and hold the spacebar to move the cursor. It's all fun when it works with 3D Touch very softly.

But we hope Haptic Touch will be fine, and Apple has drew attention to the fact that this feature will be improved and expanded in the future. Additional Iphone models will need to lose 3D Touch.

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However, we are satisfied with the life of the battery. The higher the brightness, the faster the battery power is, the more likely it is with the Iphone XS. We will come back with battery recharge, but the life of the battery is useful, as Iphone XR has a relatively low resolution.

Long-term Iphone XR testing

A well-chosen compromise

After a week with the Iphone XR, this is a cheap phone with a well-chosen compromise.


Of course, we missed the Iphone XS Max. But this is only because we have seen the grass on the other side for several weeks. Deep black and thin edges of the screen, steel frame and dual camera Iphone XS create feel the most fashionable but in fact the difference is not great. Oled displays are absolutely unique, so anyone who can buy the Iphone XR is rarely screened and destroy their LCD screen.

Some well-chosen compromises, regardless of low prices, mean that we'll have a phone that can not be resolved as submarine. The person who chose the Iphone XR saves several thousand copies, but still improves the Iphone XS. This is the best Iphone model for most vast majority. Instead of the saved money, you can put it in a luxurious shell.

Facts about Iphone XR

Good Buytested: October / November 2018
Tested: Samuel Nyberg
manufacturers: apple
System chipset: Apple A12 Bionic
processor: 2 horizon 2.49 GHz, 4th Tempest
graphics: Graph A12
Memory: 3 GB
storage: 64/128/256 GB
display: 6.1 inches, 828 x 1792 pixels
Camera: 12 megapixel rear, 7 megapixel front
contacts: Lightning
contact: 2g, 3g, 4g, 802.11a / b / g / n / ac (1-5 Wi-Fi), Bluetooth 5.0, a-gps, galileo, nfc
Operating system: IOS 12
Other: Dual SIM (standby), wireless charge (qi), water resistant (IP67), face detection
battery: 2 942 mAh, 7 h 5 min. Web video (wifi), 13 hours 30 minutes combined use (4 g), about 22 hours (3 g)
Size: 15.1 x 7.6 x 0.8 cm
Weight: 194 grams
Rated value: 9 490 – 11 390 tenge


Geekbench 4: 10 904 points
3dmark Ice Storm is unlimited: 77 238 points
3pcs Sling Shot Extreme: 3 525 points

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<p>So cruelty.<br />Despite the simplest resolution, luxurious screen.<br />Cheap, but not really noticeable.</p>
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Haptic Touch is incomplete.
Not every detail in fashion.
Still expensive.

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