Saturday , January 28 2023

The Academy hopes for a dementia – "dirt throw" – culture and entertainment


According to anonymous sources, Svenungsson asked for permission to leave the Swedish Academy as a result of an error message by Dagens Nieter. According to the newspaper's sources, he was accused of violating the Academy's privacy laws. One of the respondents is a member of the Academy.

Svenungsson denies the data and says that he is never going to be accused and that he has "hit a little" the DN article.


"I do not know who is an anonymous member when I tell the DN that there will be a reason for reducing confidentiality, and I can now have an unpleasant feeling as if I'm trying to get me to be repressed," he wrote. Up to CT.

Anders Olsson does not accept information.

"I can confirm that the error was not discussed with JS, and as far as I know, he did not influence his decision to leave the Academy," he wrote.

Last week, Svenungsson, who was ninth-nine in her fourteen months, was asked to quit his position at the Academy.

"I'm dry"

Svenungsson says that the exact reasons for resignation will be long-term with Anderson Olson, himself and his permanent secretary.

However, it will refuse to comment on the content of the e-mail.

"If an anonymous member trying to humiliate does not continue, I want to go back to my scientific role," he wrote.

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