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The first research will provide "sunlight" – news lingvoing


Sun's cells become the highest mode. The Swedish owners often set up their own solar panels in their homes, and now they are on the "sunshine". At present, the solar rays are widely used in the new construction or overhaul of modern public buildings.

However, real estate built until 1945 includes many sun-loungent tents. It accounts for about a quarter of the energy in homes.

New solar panels

So you can install solar panels in a large house. That is why the owners of the old house are interested in the solar cells.

Creating new solar panels to meet demand is fully developed. There are solar systems that enable them to produce them both on the facade of the house and in the tents. Like the sun cells, the outward appearance is now adapted to buildings that are historically sensitive.

Preserving thresholds in the first study

There is no coincidence that the sun is already developing at a high level. The main problem with solar energy was the difficulty of storing it, making the day a special new product. But now the research team looks at Chalmers Technology University to break down the nuts.

A specially-designed molecule that can store energy in liquid is trying to create a system that keeps the shelves safe for 18 years.

The study is important.

Cheap and Completely Renewed

The system does not allow energy saving in the northern hemisphere from summer to winter. It is also free from emissions.

"We aim to be cheaper than battery and have a completely renewable energy," says Casper Mot-Pulse, a researcher at Nanomaterial Chemistry, Halmers, Radio of Science.

For district heating

Future challenges with the new molecule have been tested. Now, researchers, for example, can use technology in large systems for centralized heating.

If all is planned, the new technology will be commercially available in 10-15 years.

Then, for most of the country's real estate owners, it's easy to find out that the roofs are suitable for the foot. A new model of map prepared at Uppsala University expects this to happen. She particularly hopes she will be in places where there are some old buildings.

Tests will be held next summer

David Lingfield, SVT News East researcher, says: "If we switch to a renewable energy system, we need to look at these old buildings and learn how to make them change.

Nowadays, the city map of Stockholm, a historically sensitive construction site of the Visby culture and a new map of Haland, is being tested, where the appearance of houses changes dramatically.

Map project evaluation will be held next summer.

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