Saturday , June 3 2023

The KNB leaves the mosque in Rinkeby


Last year
DN The independent Al-Azhar group has a duty to the state, mistakes its accounts and says that it is paying unsanctioned debt. Last week, four members of the Board and one former member of the Group were arrested. They have now detained suspects in several types of economic crimes.

Svenska Dagbladet said three of the detainees have a central role in the fundraising center, which has been working for 10 years at the Rinkebi mosque.

Background mode One of the suspects, NCC Construction Company has already completed cooperation with the fund.

"When the suspect was informed about the criminal offense on Tuesday, we decided to stop cooperation if we were behind the suspects of the crime, and we consider it very important," said Fredrik Anheim, head of the Swedish Construction Department.

He explains that he was worried that he would be able to attract NCC funds previously.

"We were given a guarantee to collect funds from Madwaraden and Stockholm members. They said they had 8,500 participants paying 1,000 kroons per month and collecting 100,000,000 crowns a year. It's not only Swedish money, but also foreign donations, "said Friedrich Anheim.

SVT Stockholm
before Reported that the fund was initially criticized when it came to charity campaigns from Saudi Arabia. In the subsequent period, the fund announced that it had not received any financial support from abroad.

Svenska Dagbladet writes
one of the men planned to open an Islamic bank through a currency exchange and said that Al Azhar sponsors a bank with a ten million cron. Later, the District Administrative Council is criticized, requiring the fund to be repaid as the lending breaks the fund's law.

Last year it was revealed
Students at Al-Azhar School in Vallingby have a program called "Cold Facts" TV4 on a school bus. Apart from something else, he was the minister of education
Reply to Gustav Fridolin (MP). Soon afterward, it was said about school
stopped the gender offense.

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